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[McIDAS #JIN-832252]: cannot get MySQL database working with GRIB data

Hi Robert,

I was out shoveling my driveway for the past 4 hours so I can get to work
tomorrow.  My house is in the Colorado foothills at 8150'; we got 18" out
of the upslope storm that hit eastern Colorado today...

> It appears that DMGRID did not work.  Nothing was written into
> /data/ldm/mcidas and XCD_START.LOG says:
> Starting MONITOR at 06299.181141
> startxcd.k: m0monexe - first startup of :DMGRID                               
>     29930
> DMGRID       Starting: GRIB decoder
> DMGRID: Invalid Processed pointer.
> DMGRID: first POINTER= argument is too small --> -2139062144
> DMGRID: Must be valid integer value within range 4096 thru 16781312.
> DMGRID: GRIBDEC.PRO  not found. Processed pointer set to last byte written.

This part of the log output is normal and expected the first time that one
tries to decode using DMGRID as GRIBDEC.PRO will not exist.  After the first 
however, you should find the file GRIBDEC.PRO in the ~mcidas/workdata directory
_if_ the directory is writable by the user running your LDM (which it _must_ 

> Reading /usr/mcidas/workdata/RTMODELS.CFG...
> OK=-8 from Mcrtmodels
> DMGRID: Unable to get file info from /usr/mcidas/workdata/RTMODELS.CFG        
>                                         -8

A -8 return from Mcrtmodels indicates that a time increment parameter
is either less than or equal zero or greater than 240000.  This seems to
be saying that you have an error in your copy of RTMODELS.CFG.  Can you
send me your file?

> Since GRDLIST works on the raw GRIBs I am saving, I did a FORM=ALL
> listing on the last entry:
> /usr2/config% grdlist.k AMPS/MM5-D3 FORM=ALL
> Dataset position 1      Directory Title= /2006102512_D3.grb
> PAR  LEVEL      DAY          TIME     SRC  FHR  FDAY         FTIME    GRID  
> ---- ---------- ------------ -------- ---- ---- ------------ -------- ----- 
> ----
> CWMR     2 M    25 OCT 06298 12:00:00 NCAR    0 25 OCT 06298 12:00:00     1 PS
> Total pts= 102960 Num rows= 312  Num columns= 330   received:  2006299 183045Z
> Cloud Water Mixing Ratio
> GRIB ID numbers: Geographic =  255; PAR =153; Model ID =255; Level type =105
> Units of gridded variable are KGKG Scale of variable is:   2
> Polar Stereographic Projection
> Row num of pole=  170.57  Col num of pole=  168.52  Col spacing (m)= 19182.0
> Standard Latitudes=  -60.00    -60.00   Standard Longitude=  180.00


> Is there anything here that could be used in RTMODELS.CFG that might make
> decoding possible?

The default for DMGRID processing of GRIB 1 messages (DMGRID does not
support processing of GRIB 2 messages!) is to decode everything.  RTMODELS.CFG
entries tell DMGRID where to put the decoded grib messages.  NOGRIB.CFG entries
tell DMGRID what grids to _not_ decode.   I am assuming that DMGRID will try
to decode your AMPS grib message(s).

Since the AMPS model ID is 255, the named RTMODELS.CFG entries (e.g., NGM=,
MAPS=, MDR=, etc.) will not match the AMPS grids (the correspondence between
model ID and source is defined in the file ~mcidas/data/gbtbpds001.av1).  They
should, however, be decoded into the GRID files defined by the SCRATCH= entry
since this is a catch-all.

I think the current problem is either a typo in your RTMODELS.CFG or the
inability for Mcrtmodesl to read it correctly.  I am hoping to be able
to pinpoint the problem as soon as I receive your RTMODELS.CFG file.


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