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[McIDAS #FBA-307750]: PATH command

Hi Kwan,

> I downloaded path.pgm, recompiled, added BOX=NO, and the
> small box is now gone.

Excellent!  I'm glad that PATH is working nicely for you now.

> I am amazed that you modified the program so quickly.

It was a very simple program modification.

> About my last email that you said you'd not seen,

Yes, that was strange.  I know we received the email because
I got an alert that it was received.  It did not, however,
get included with this ticket.

> what I
> wanted to ask you was the following.  The gif file I sent
> to you actually showed the outlines of cloud clusters as
> identified by an algorithm called RDT (Rapidly Developing
> Thunderstorms).  It was developed in Europe, and by
> default, it can only read the raw HRIT SEVIRI (METEOSAT)
> data.

What exactly do you mean by "raw" data.  METEOSAT-8 data
can be written using two different formats that you might
consider to be "raw" since they are not in McIDAS AREA format.
Is this what you mean?
> What I would like to do is to display the IR image
> that RDT read and then overlaid the thunderstorm outlines
> on top using McIDAS.  But to do that, I need to convert
> the HRIT data into McIDAS format.

I believe that you can create a McIDAS ADDE dataset using the
"raw" data and read the data that way.  There should be no
need to convert to McIDAS AREA format.  Please review the
DSSERVE command for more information on creating an ADDE dataset
for METEOSAT data.

> Do you know any
> conversion codes that can do that?

This should not be needed.  I am sure about this since
EUMETSAT is using McIDAS ADDE to serve realtime METEOSAT-8 data.

> Do you know any codes
> that do the reverse process, i.e., converting from McIDAS
> back to HRIT?

Unfortunately no, I don't know of any routines that go from McIDAS AREA
to HRIT.

I assume that you are thinking about taking other imagery and writing it
into HRIT format so that the RDT algorighm will work.  Correct?


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