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[McIDAS #EIJ-330346]: McIDAS GRID file problem

Hi Mark,

> We're having a problem with our GRID data for Mcidas since upgrading to
> Mcidas2006 (from McIdas2004).  The following is a partial listing from
> our xcd data direcetory:
> ------------------------------------------------
> > ls ~ldm/data/xcd/GRID[56]* |tail
> /software/ldm/data/xcd/GRID6182t ic
> /software/ldm/data/xcd/GRID6190s
> /software/ldm/data/xcd/GRID6191t ic
> /software/ldm/data/xcd/GRID6196t ic
> /software/ldm/data/xcd/GRID6199t ic
> /software/ldm/data/xcd/GRID6201t ic
> /software/ldm/data/xcd/GRID6206t ic
> /software/ldm/data/xcd/GRID6209t ic
> /software/ldm/data/xcd/GRID6302t ic
> /software/ldm/data/xcd/GRID6304ext
> ------------------------------------------------
> I haven't been able to figure out what is causing the problem.  Any idea
> what my be misconfigured?

The times I have seen situations like this (about 3) I have been able
to get past the problem by rebuilding, reinstalling, and reconfiguring
McIDAS from scratch:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~/mcidas2006/src
make clobber
make all
make install.all

cd ~/workdata

I never did figure out why the GRIB decoder was producing improperly named

Another thing you will need to do is delete all of the improperly named
GRID files from the directory in which they are being created.

One last comment:  in the past three days I have observed a problem running
the GRIB data monitor (dmgrid.k) on our FreeBSD 4.10 system.  Decoding runs
normally until the late afternoon when lots of model data is being received.
The symptoms of the problem I am seeing is that dmgrid.k starts using
excessive amounts of CPU and stops writing GRIDnnnn files.  I have not (yet)
figured out what the problem is, so I have no sage words of wisdom for how
to get around this if you run into the same thing.

Question:  which version of FreeBSD are you running (e.g., 4.x, 5.x, 6.x)?

We do not have a 5.x or 6.x system in house, so if your system is one
of these I would like to be given permission to logon to your machine
to do some troubleshooting.


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