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[McIDAS #ZWY-825020]: McIDAS - tclcomp failed to build

Hi Marianne (this is being sent to Hajo also),

Marianne said:
> when I log on to your site for the mcidas
> download I get this message that I am not in the educational community
> etc.

Due to the restrictions on the license we have with SSEC to distribute McIDAS,
we must limit access to our version of McIDAS to educational institutions
AND sites that are active MUG members (which, of course, EUMETSAT is).

The wrinkle is that our download verification system is setup to verify
individual users, not unnamed people from an organization.  So, if you
are registered with the Unidata web portal, we will be able to add your
email address (which is also your user name for our web portal) to a list
of folks that is allowed to download Unidata McIDAS.

Please let me know if you have already registered with our wep portal.
If you have not, please do so now:

Unidata HomePage


    -> Not yet Registered?

> Could you pelase do something about that - you know that we pay for the
> mcidas license in the first place. maybe you can put your version on an
> ftp site for me?

As soon as you are registered (or if you are already registered) we will
add your email to the list of those allowed to download McIDAS.

If there is a good reason why you do not want to register with our site,
I can provide you with the FTP user name and password so you can download
our version of McIDAS.  I would rather you registered, however.

Just so you know, I sent Hajo information on the code change that must
be made to Tcl and Tk configure scripts in the McIDAS distribution.
As you probably already know, SSEC supports McIDAS on RedHat Enterprise
WS 3 and 4 only.  It is possible that they will not want to make the small
modifications needed to the configure scripts since the problem is not
seen on RedHat Enterprise WS [34], but I am hopeful that they will.

Side comment:  SSEC bundles a very old version of Tcl/Tk with McIDAS.  The
latest Tcl/Tk distribution -- the one I bundle with Unidata McIDAS -- has
corrected versions of the Tcl and Tk configure scripts.


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