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[McIDAS #TXI-564922]: Re: 20060804: Unidata McIDAS-X/XCD v2006 is now available

Hi Gilbert,

> NOW I understand everything but the last garbled paragraph!

Which garbled paragraph?  If you are referring to the snippit of 'less'
output, you can generate your own on weather.admin.niu.edu:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas/workdata
less ADDEIMAGE.new

> Everything
> works now. But, I did modify ADDEIMAGE.CORE in the mcidas2006 directory
> because...

Ah!!!  You don't need to modify ADDEIMAGE.CORE!

> Some sites weren't listed that I wanted (mainly my own)
> Some sites were remarked out
> I copied it into a backup file in my /home/mcidas/workdata directory, in
> case it changes in future releases.

You can _override_ entries in ADDEIMAGE.CORE in an ADDEIMAGE.SITE file.
I strongly suggest that you:

- rename your ~mcidas/data/ADDEIMAGE.CORE file to ADDEIMAGE.SITE
- restore the version of ADDEIMAGE.CORE that came with the
  McIDAS distribution

This way, you _never_ have to worry about mucking with ADDEIMAGE after
you do an upgrade.

> But I am having a problem now with weather2.admin.niu.edu. From the GUI,
> It gives me a ".balloon" error. Hmmm. ~/workdata/YOKSAS.LOG has the
> details. Now...

Hmm...  I just SSHed to weather2.admin.niu.edu tunneling X (after commenting
out the setting of DISPLAY in your ~mcidas/.cshrc file).  I had no problems
running McIDAS or the MCGUI.  (NB: I restored the setting of DISPLAY
in your .cshrc file after my quick test).

> Why won't weather3.admin.niu.edu pluck data off of weather2? Still thinks
> it is behind a firewall, but I know it is not.

I logged onto weather3 and ran McIDAS (by tunneling X after commenting out
the setting of DISPLAY in ~mcidas/.cshrc) and found the problem.  The
McIDAS defaults file ~mcidas/.mcidasrc was configured to use 'compress'
compressed data transfers.  The 'compress' utility is not installed on
weather2.admin.niu.edu, so the compression step would fail.

Since GZIP is now the favored compression method (since gzip/gunzip are
distributed with McIDAS), I reconfigured your McIDAS defaults file to
use GZIP compressed transfers.  I did this by starting McIDAS with:

mcidas -config

and then selecting the radiobutton for GZIP transfers and the radiobutton
to save changes before clicking on the Start button.  All McIDAS sessions
that attempt to get data from weather2.admin.niu.edu need to be configured
to use the GZIP compress transfer method.

> Any decoders to upgrade?

The decoders are built as part of the 'make all'.  They are installed
in the 'make install.all' step, so they should be in use now.  This
is why my instructions had you stop the LDM while McIDAS was being installed.
This would insure that the new copies of the decoders would be used.

> Anything else?

Nothing other than my repeated advice to you to _not_ modify the distributed
version of ADDEIMAGE.CORE.  Again, ADDEIMAGE.SITE entries of the same names
will override the settings in ADDEIMAGE.CORE (and ADDEIMAGE.USER entries
will override the settings of ADDEIMAGE.SITE).  This advice is for your
own benefit.  It cuts down/eliminates the tweeks you need to make after
installing a new McIDAS distribution.


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