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[McIDAS #VLN-517145]: Question about McIDAS!

Hi Gloria,

> I work for a public company located in Medellín-Colombia, and the
> name of the company is Empresas Públicas de Medellín, and the services
> that it offers are energy and water supply for 10 cities located in
> Antioquia-Colombia.
> We would like to have access to McIDAS software and we hear that
> this software is free, but I would like that you confirm us if really
> this software is free, because your confirmation is necessary In order
> to install any free software here.

The license that Unidata holds from the primary developers of McIDAS,
the Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) at the University of
Wisconsin at Madison (UW), allows us to distribute McIDAS to educational
institutions worldwide.  We are not allowed to give our version of McIDAS
to companies unless they are already members of the McIDAS User's Group

You should contact the SSEC MUG directly to get McIDAS:


Please be aware that getting licensed by SSEC for McIDAS will not be
free.  The current MUG fees for McIDAS can be found on the MUG website:

MUG HomePage

  Policies and Fees
  Year 2006 MUG Fees

Next year's MUG feeds can be found in:


Unidata does offer other display and analysis software that
provides much of the same capabilities as McIDAS.  Our Integrated
Data Viewer (IDV) is freely accessible, can access data from
both McIDAS ADDE and OPeNDAP servers, runs natively on Windows
(McIDAS needs other software loaded to run in Windows), and has
been chosen to be the base on top of which the next generation
McIDAS, McIDAS V, is to be built.  Please review:

Unidata HomePage

for more information.

> Thank you for your information that you can give me,

I am sorry that we are not able to give you access to our
McIDAS distribution, but I think that you will be excited
about the capabilities that you find in the IDV.

> Gloria Estela Marín Cortés.
> Ingeniera-Area Hidrometría e Instrumentación.
> Empresas Públicas de Medellín.
> Telefono: (574)  380-23-34.


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