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[McIDAS #EVK-618157]: 20060812: CPTEC TeraScan to McIDAS AREA conversion softare

Hi Waldenio,

I apologize for taking so long to get back to you on the TeraScan TDF
to McIDAS AREA conversion software...

> You received the reply from Luiz Augusto, head of CPTEC´s
> satellite division. He told that the conversion software
> from TDF to AREA can be delivered, under some documentation
> about to do not use for commercial purposes and give the
> credits for DSA/CPTEC/INPE.

As you probably already know, Unidata does not attempt to
commercialize any of the software that we develop.  The only
package that is not freely distributable to anyone who wants
it, McIDAS, has its own copyright language that should be
reviewed by the appropriate person in CPTEC:


It should be noted that McIDAS is distributed with a number of
packages that are licensed under the GPL or LGPL license: tiff,
geotiff, tcl/tk, HDF.  Since my desire is to turn the CPTEC code
into a McIDAS ADDE server for the TDF data, CPTEC would need to agree
that its code could be released under the same conditions as the
GPL/LGPL packages.  As far as credit being given for the work, we
always credit the authors of code that we make available.  One example
of the credits we give can be found in the Unidata McIDAS v2006
release announcement:


Language like this or more extensive can be found throughout the
McIDAS materials that I make available online.  If there is special
language that is desired to give credit, I will incorporate it
into my documentation.

> Do you have an example for a documentation of this kind ?

Please see above.

> After send the letter to the DSA, I can get the software
> with the author (Asiel Bonfim) and send to you.

Excellent.  Again, my intention is:

- review the code to find out where the problem of incorrect
  pixel values is occurring

- judge if the code can be rolled into an ADDE server for
  TeraScan data in TDF format

- create the ADDE server and add it to my McIDAS release

- contribute the code back to SSEC for possible inclusion into
  McIDAS core

The first step in this series of processes is to assess the code to
see if it can be recast into an ADDE server.  I wanted to do the
same thing with the wavelet compressed METEOSAT data being broadcast
in EUMETCAST, but EUMETSAT does not allow their code to be distributed
beyond the licensed user.  This is a shame since an end user (ITC
in the Netherlands) has already done the work to add support for
the wavelet compressed METEOSAT data into McIDAS.  Servers like
this would make the EUMETCAST-broadcast METEOSAT data _much_ easier
to use at end-user sites.


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