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[McIDAS #LKJ-818624]: trouble building McIDAS 2006 on Solaris 10 x86 with Sun compilers

Hi Robert,

> Thanks for the quick fix.

No worries.  Sorry that I didn't catch that before...

> Yes, I noticed the mcinet issue with 2005 and Solaris 10.  If you don't mind I
> am going to ask Dee, et. al. about Sun compilers on x86 and also Solaris 10.
> I know they haven't abandoned Solaris, and it makes no sense not to support 
> Solaris
> 10 x86 and the Sun Studio 11 compilers since they are free now. Is that okay?

It is OK with me.

Just so you are up to date with the conversation that Dee and I have already 
here is part of my reply to her re: Solaris 10 support:

  To:        Dee Wade <address@hidden>
  cc:        address@hidden
  Subject:   20060725: McIDAS support on HP and Solaris 10
  From address@hidden  Tue Jul 25 11: 10:27 2006 by unidata.ucar.edu (U
          CAR/Unidata) with SMTP id k6PHAQJH017015; Tue, 25 Jul 2006 11:10:26 -
          0600 (MDT)

  From:      Unidata Support <address@hidden>
  Date:      Tue, 25 Jul 2006 11:10:26 -0600
  Organization: UCAR/Unidata

  >From: Dee Wade <address@hidden>
  >Organization: SSEC
  >Keywords: 200607251445.k6PEjmJH029451 McIDAS HP-UX Solaris 10

  Hi again Dee,

  re: platform use for McIDAS in Unidata community
  >Tom thanks for the info.

  No worries.

  >I am having trouble with our TC group about supporting
  >anything but Linux and OS-x.

  I do like both of these options, but Solaris is still a major
  player.  To my mind, not embracing it would be shortsighted.

  >I will bug them some more about Solaris 10. Last time I brought it
  >up they had no interest.  Some users here are buying new SUN
  >HW but running Linux.

  Those using Solaris 10 here in Unidata (e.g., Russ Rew) are _very_
  enthusiastic about its features and capabilities (and Russ is
  a dedicated MacOS-X fan!).  One thing to consider is the new ZFS
  file system available in Solaris 10.  Here are a couple of tidbits
  that should spark somebody's interest:


    Solaris ZFS<E2><80><94>The Most Advanced File System on the Planet

    The future-proof file system

    Solaris ZFS offers a dramatic advance in data management with an
    innovative approach to data integrity, tremendous performance
    improvements, and a welcome integration of file system and volume
    management capabilities. The centerpiece of this new architecture is
    the concept of a virtual storage pool which decouples the file system
    from physical storage in the same way that virtual memory abstracts the
    address space from physical memory, allowing for much more efficient
    use of storage devices. In Solaris ZFS, space is shared dynamically
    between multiple file systems from a single storage pool, and is
    parceled out of the pool as file systems request it. Physical storage
    can be added to or removed from storage pools dynamically, without
    interrupting services, providing new levels of flexibility,
    availability, and performance. And in terms of scalability, Solaris ZFS
    is a 128-bit file system. Its theoretical limits are truly
    mind-boggling 2**128 bytes of storage, and 2**64 for everything else such
    as file systems, snapshots, directory entries, devices, and more. And
    ZFS implements an improvement on RAID-5, RAID-Z, which uses parity,
    striping, and atomic operations to ensure reconstruction of corrupted data.

  ZFS looks like it will solve a LOT of problems folks have been having
  for years!

  >WIll let you know about Solaris 10

  It is the opinion of a number of Unidata folks that Solaris 10 will
  give Linux a good run for its money.  Plus, Solaris 10 is _supposed_
  to run Linux binaries right out of the box.  This could be very
  useful for creation of binary software releases.



> Sun seems to be having some teething problems with Solaris 10 by trying to 
> catch
> up too quickly and not doing enough testing.  I have complained  to several 
> Sun
> engineers about this.  That is not one of things about Linux that they should 
> want
> to emulate.
> I have Solaris 10 Update 2 running on one box using ZFS on my data disks.  
> ZFS really
> flies, and if some of your sites trying to run use cheap SATA RAID would use 
> Solaris
> 10 U2 plus JBOD SATA and ZFS, I think they would see marked disk performance 
> improvement.

This is an interesting and useful comment.  Thanks!

> I still prefer SCSI myself.

Die hard ;-)


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