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20060721: compressed MODIS hdf files?

>From:  "Connell, Bernadette" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  CSU/CIRA
>Keywords:  200607211535.k6LFZdSZ010813 McIDAS ADDE HDF DAAC

Hi Bernie,

>I regularly use McIDAS to look at MODIS hdf files from the DAAC.  This
>week, I downloaded some files that were about half the normal size and
>it took a long time (couple minutes) to load one band.  (I'm using
>McIDAS for XP and although I have not yet installed the 2006 update, I
>have also tried it on a system that has that update).  CPU usage on the
>system goes up to 99%.  At the site, they mention that some of the data
>are produced by MODAPS and users should be aware that MODAPS is using
>HDF compression.  I suspect this is the problem and the solution is to
>uncompress the data outside McIDAS.  Has anyone had this experience?

I have not seen this problem, but, then again, I have not downloaded
compressed HDF files.

I too am interested in others' experiences


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