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[McIDAS #POX-275763]: Remote data sources N65 and higher

Hi Tyn,

I'm sorry that it took me so long to get to your inquiry...

> I'm supervising a student from India and she does the following MSc research:
> Modelling Permafrost in the area north Sweden - present and seen
> in a climatic change scenario.
> Based upon current knowledge of permafrost ditibution from IPA
> maps, geomorphological maps, litterature etc. and through
> digitaization of  this base line data, using availabe DEM
> (DEM's) creating a model of permafrost distibution based upon
> variables like altitude, aspect, geological material and vegetation.


> Field work; 1. week in Abisko.
> Can you help us with the following questions:
> - what climate model facilitates climate change scenarios natively?
>   I did take a look at mm5, and can run mm5 on a local machine I
>   guess, but what is your advice?

I would assume that someone in the community is running either a
specialized version of a model like MM5 or a different one for examining
climate predictibility, but I don't know who to send you to right off
of the top of my head.  I would suggest, therefore, that you send
your question out to the Unidata address@hidden email list
to see if a community member can point you in the right direction.

Since we limit submissions the lists we maintain to subscribed members
of that list, you will need to subscribe (if you are not already
subscribed) to post your inquiry.

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> Are there ADDE/OpenDAP servers
>   serving model outputs like what we need (temperature at the surface,
>   air temperature, SST) covering the north pole (Torneträsk is
>   latitude: 68 lonitude -11 roughgly)

I do not know, but I would guess that there may be one or more OPeNDAP
sites that have data that would be useful.  Again, an email to ldm-users
(to start) might get you some better information on what is available.
The other list that could be useful is address@hidden

> -I know there is a POES direct readout station serving data using ADDE
> located in Kiruna, Sweden. Any leads/contacs that you could give us?

No, sorry.  Perhaps folks at SSEC would have this information.  I
can contact them for you if you like; please let me know if you would
like me to do this.

> - any other projects you know of working with remote data covering 
>   anything above the polar circle?

Unfortunately, no.  There is an active community of researchers
working with data for Antarctica.  Perhaps they would know of resources
for the Arctic.  I can send them a note on your behalf also. (They
have an email list for group interactions (antidd group <address@hidden>), but 
I think you need to be subscribed to
it before you can post.

> Probably at Winsconsin there are more POES servers covering the north
> pole, but I do not have the user id/project number details....

I am pretty sure that the POES ADDE servers that SSEC maintains are
not freely available.

NOAA maintains an ADDE server that has POES data, but I think that
it is restricted.  We got access to the data by going through a process
that describes the collaborations we have with NOAA, and then being
granted access to the servers for a specific machine at Unidata
(access is granted for specific IP addresses).

NASA maintains an freely-accessible ADDE server, nanuk.eosdis.nasa.gov, 
for the dataset NANUK.  This site serves data from the Aqua and Terra
satellites, and the coverage is supposed to be global:

DATALOC ADD NANUK nanuk.eosdis.nasa.gov

        Dataset Names of Type: IMAGE in Group: NANUK

Name         NumPos   Content
------------ ------   --------------------------------------
Aqua_1KM      9999    Aqua 1 kilometer resolution Calibrated Radiances
Aqua_HKM      9999    Aqua 500 meter resolution Calibrated Radiances
Aqua_QKM      9999    Aqua 250 meter resolution Calibrated Radiances
Terra_1KM     9999    Terra 1 kilometer resolution Calibrated Radiances
Terra_HKM     9999    Terra 500 meter resolution Calibrated Radiances
Terra_QKM     9999    Terra 250 meter resolution Calibrated Radiances

DSINFO -- done

If you recall, we used data from this site during the McIDAS training
workshop you attended here in Boulder.

Please let me know if you would like me to contact the folks in the
Antarctic community to see if they have leads on where to find datasets
pertinent to your student's research.  I can also contact folks at
the SSEC Data Center/MUG to see if they have good leads on ADDE servers
for data in your student's area of interest.


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