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[McIDAS #APE-264621]: McIDAS setup

Hi Angel,

re: McIDAS post processing on metofis
> Everything has been moved over
> except for some McIDAS post-processing scripts don't seem to be
> triggering. Can one of you log in and check to see where I messed up?

Sorry to be late on getting back to you on this...

I logged onto metofis this past weekend and make some needed configuration
changes to get McIDAS-XCD decoding working and to get the McIDAS ROUTE
PostProcess BATCH files to run:

- completed the configuration setup needed for XCD decoding:

  <as 'ldm'>
  - made /ldm/data/mcidasd writable by the user 'mcidas'
  - reviewed the contents of ~ldm/decoders/xcd_run, mcscour.sh, batch.k
    and made adjustments if/when needed
  - created the script uptime.tcl in ~ldm/util.  This is run once-per-minute
    by a cron entry to monitor system performance
  - added a cron entry to run ~ldm/decoders/mcscour.sh once-per-day

  <as 'mcidas'>

  - cleaned up McIDAS-XCD data files that were being incorrectly created in

  - setup XCD decoding to /ldm/data/mcidasd:

    cp ~mcidas/data/SCHEMA to /ldm/data/mcidasd
    cp ~mcidas/data/SYSKEY.TAB to /ldm/data/mcidasd
    cp ~mcidas/workdata/ROUTE.SYS to /ldm/data/mcidasd

    cd ~mcidas/data
    -- edit LOCAL.NAM to set desired output directories
    -- edit LSSERVE.BAT to setup ADDE serving of McIDAS-XCD-created data files
    -- edit LOCNEXR.CFG and set DIRMASK and FILEMASK to match NEXRAD Level III 
       on metofis (/ldm/data/gempak/nexrad/NIDS/\ID/\TYPE, \TYPE_.*)

    cd ~mcidas/workdata
    redirect.k REST LOCAL.NAM
    batch.k XCD.BAT                     <- setup McIDAS XCD decoding into 

- not done

  - setup the McIDAS remote ADDE server (needs to be done as 'root',
    xinetd has to be configured to run at boot time, and the user 'mcadde'
    needs to be created with the same HOME directory as mcidas; in the
    same group as 'mcidas', but with no login shell (/bin/false)):

    <as 'root'>
    /etc/init.d/xinetd start
    cd /home/mcidas
    sh ./mcinet2005.sh install mcadde            <- after 'mcadde' user has 
been created

Quick overview of status:

- McIDAS-XCD is now decoding data received by the LDM
- ROUTE PostProcess BATCH files are now being run to create GOES-East/West 
  imagery and topography/image composites
- there is scouring of McIDAS-XCD-created data
- the file ~ldm/logs/metofis.uptime contains minute-by-minute system 
information that
  may be useful in monitoring system performance:

CCYYMMDD.HHMM   1-min 5-min 15-min #d   #u  #t  age    free  swap  user  sys  
iowait idle
20060711.2028   7.98  7.79  7.31    0   4   4   2968   40M   25M   0.00  0.00 
62.42 37.58


HHMM     - UTC time
1-min    - 1 minute load average
5-min    - 5 minute load average
15-min   - 15 minute load average
#d       - number of downstream LDM connections
#u       - number of upstream LDM connections
#t       - total number of connections
age      - age of oldest product in LDM queue [s]
free     - amount of free memory
swap     - amount of swap used
user     - CPU use at user level (application)
sys      - CPU use at system level (kernel)
iowait   - CPU idle [%]
idle     - time CPUs were idle and the system did not have an outstanding
           disk I/O [%]

Please let me know if things are running correctly from your perspective.

One last comment: in doing the configuration outlined (not detailed) above,
I had occasion to stop the LDM for some time.  During that time, I noted that
the CPU use indicated by 'top' did _not_ go down.  It seems that metofis
is really struggling with something that is apparently _not_ the LDM.  I
suspect the use of the reiserfs, but I have no proof of this.

Please let me know if/when you have any questions about what I did.



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