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[McIDAS #QPQ-403323]: problem to download data from remote server

Chuan Li,

> Under a old version McIdas system (McIDAS-X 7.613),We have normaly
> downloaded  satellite data from one remote server of  NOAA (IP:
> for many years. Now we have updated the McIdas system
> (McIDAS-X 2005) on a new  compter (Linux OS). When applied the McIdas
> command "DATALOC ADD GER " and "DSINFO" showed the error
> message as :
> DSINFO:Accounting data was not valid
> No Datasets found of Type: IMAGE in Group: GER
> DSINFO:Accounting data was not valid
> No Datasets found of Type: POINT in Group: GER
> ......
> However,if I apply the same command on old version McIdas system,it
> works.

This is not due to a problem in with the new McIDAS installation, but, rather, 
you running the new distribution on a machine with a different IP address since 
restricts access to ADDE datasets on to certain IP addresses.  I
would guess that the process you or someone else at UMD went through to get
access to this server has been forgotten.

> If I apply the command for another IP address like: "DATALOC ADD
> GOESEAST " on new version McIdas system, it also works.

Right.  There is nothing wrong with your new installation.

> We really want to download the data from NOAA server
> (IP: under new version McIdas system. Could you please help
> us to solve this problem ?

You will need to contact the folks at the Satellite Services Division of
NOAA (formerly called SATEPS) and request that your new machine's IP address
be added to the list of machines allowed to access the imagery in the GER
dataset.  I am not sure who you should send email to in NOAA; I would send a
note to Brian Hughes <address@hidden> and ask for the current contact
name for ADDE access to restricted servers.

In the meantime, you might be able to get some of the data you need/want from
the PUB dataset on GP16.SSD.NESDIS.NOAA.GOV:


> Many Thanks,

No worries.


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