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[McIDAS #RLB-199284]: Problem with McIDAS-ADDE server?

Hi Kwan,

> Good to see that ADDE.UCAR.EDU is up and running.

The failure was large, and we are not quite fully recovered yet.

> I checked the RTPTSRC/SFCHOURLY.  Data are missing for the
> down time.

Yes.  The plan was always to "back fill" the MD files that were
missing/incomplete from the complete files on idd.cise-nsf.gov.
I have just started this process.

> I have tried, in the past, to put some
> archived surface data into an MD file so that I can
> overlaid them on IR images.  I have ascii file of surface
> data in METAR format.  Are there codes out there that can
> convert METAR directly into an MD file.

The McIDAS XCD routine DMSFC (dmsfc.k) can be used to decode
non-realtime data.  It has been quite awhile since I used
the code to do this, so it will take some refreshing before
I could inform you of the steps (it is not easy because of
the very specific way that XCD was developed).

> I know there is a
> TXT2MD command.  But that requires the conversion from
> METAR to text columns before converting it into MD.

Correct.  You are looking to use the existing decoding capability
to do the entire job.

> Another question I have is that the engineering department
> here at CCNY is interested in installing and running
> McIDAS (perhaps on one or two linux/Unix computers).  I
> think Margarita have already contacted you last December.
> Is there any problem regarding license issue?

No, there is no problem.  We would appreciate, however, that
at least one person from the other department registers with
our website and does the download from her/his account.  This
helps us keep track of who is using our packages, and is important
when we review the costs for provision and support.


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