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20060531: McIDAS-X under KDE (cont.)

>From:  "Marianne Koenig" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  EUMETSAT
>Keywords:  200605310730.k4V7UhSZ018723 McIDAS-X Linux KDE

Marianne and other MUGgers,

Marianne wrote:
>Just a little "European" experience:
>We have Mcidas running under Suse Linux (which is very popular around
>here), and it works without any problems on a KDE desktop. (or at least
>we have not seen the problems yet)

I should have provided a bit more information in my comment to
Tim's post yesterday...

I see no problems running McIDAS-X v2005 under KDE on my Fedora Core 5
Linux system UNTIL it has been continuously running for more than a
couple of days (I always leave McIDAS running since this is a simple
way to find out about memory leaks).  After awhile, I notice that the
amount of memory being used (from 'top' listings) starts growing even
if I am doing nothing in McIDAS.  The increased memory use causes more
and more of the OS to be swaped to disk and longer times needed to move
OS functions swapped to disk back into memory.  The one time I let this
go for a week, my system became unusable until I rebooted.  I have
never seen this behavior under Gnome!?

One of my attempts to run under KDE in Fedora Core 4 resulted in the
'mcimage' window continuously resizing itself (getting larger) until I
manually killed the process.  I am sure that this was providing a big
hint about what code needs work, but I never followed up on it.


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