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[McIDAS #NLA-107808]: Build Error mcwish MacOS-X 10.4.5

Hi Stewart,

In the past several days I have had the opportunity to work on another
user's MacOS-X (Tiger) system (ours is still not available) and sort
through McIDAS-X build issues.

Here is an abbreviated account of what I found:

- the inclusion of the line:

  l_opts="$l_opts -lcc_dynamic -lICE -lSM"

  in the Darwin section of ~mcidas/mcidas2005/src/mccomp.sh worked
  on our older (Panther) MacOS-X installation, but is not appropriate
  under Tiger.

- the 'mcwish' CoreFoundation link error that you and the other user
  were seeing:

  g77 -framework CoreFoundation -O -o mcwish ...

  g77: CoreFoundation: No such file or directory
  link    mcwish:                 FAILED

  is best handled by a modification in ~mcidas/mcidas2005/src/tclcomp.sh

- an additional modification of ~mcidas/mcidas2005/src/tclcomp.sh was required
  on the other user's system in order to produce a 'mcwish' link that would
  run without superuser privilege (long story fixed by a linker flag to 
  the 'g77' invocation that links 'mcwish')

- renaming of the fink-installed libgcc file installed was needed as per
  the instructions in:


I have created a new McIDAS-X distribution, v2005d, (both as a full release
and as an addendum) that contains updated 'mccomp.sh' and 'tclcomp.sh' scripts
(among other things).  I would appreciate you downloading the addendum and
trying a clean build on your system to verify that the changes made on the
other user's system are viable.

There are two ways you could try out the new distribution:

- wipe out your current installation; download the full new one; and
  try the build from scratch

- clean out the build of your existing distribution (saving the files you
  made changes to ** just in case **); installing the addendum; and
  trying the build from scratch

The second option may be the easiest route for you.  Here are the steps
that need to be undertaken:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas/mcidas2004/src
make clobber

cd ~mcidas/mcidas2005/update
-- download the v2005d addendum from the Unidata web site or using
   passworded FTP

ftp ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
  <user> umcidas
  <pass> uni_mci!
  cd unix/2005/bugfix
  mget *

chmod +x mcupdate


cd ~mcidas/mcidas2005/src


After getting a full and correct build on the other user's system,
I noted that his OS needed to be modified to support larger shared
memory usage.  The instructions for doing this can be found in:


Modification of the system settings will require a reboot in order for
them to take effect.

I am _very_ interested in seeing if the changes made in the v2005d
addendum will work for you in the same way they worked for the other
user.  Please let me know if you are willing to do the upgrade and what
you find.  Thanks!


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