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[McIDAS #YXD-786071]: Installation trouble : Can't locate file for: -lcc_dynamic

Hi Gautam,

> I want to thank you for all the help so far.

No worries.

> I am having problem in
> launching the graphical interface of McIDAS. I did have done
> following two things:
> 1) Connected to the cluster directly using Apple Remote Desktop and
>    launching McIDAS.
>    I use Apple remote desktop to connect our cluster as 'mcidas' and
>    then use X11 to run 'mcidasx' and 'mcidas'.
>    a) When I run 'mcidasx' - it pops up the configuration GUI. On
>       clicking 'Start Mcidas' button, the 'configuration' GUI disappears,
>       but McIDAS windows does not pop up.


>    b) When I run 'mcidas' directly - The GUI does not pop up, even
>       though at the bottom you can see of the screenshot (mcidas.png) that
>       a process 'mcwish'  is running. It is the same as above case, when I
>       click the 'Start McIDAS' button.

Please let me know if a configuration gui pops up when you start using
'mcidas -config'.  The default for my McIDAS GUI interface, MCGUI, is to
only run the configuration widget if the user specifically asks for it
to be run using 'mcidas -config'.

> I am including screenshots for the two cases.

OK, thanks for including these.

> 2) Connecting using SSH to cluster.

> I ran the following commands in X11 on my laptop:
> $xhost + lena.mit.edu
> $ssh -X address@hidden

When you SSH using 'ssh -X', you should not need to allow your machine using
xhost since the display is tunneled through SSH.

> lena:~ mcidas$ export DISPLAY=
> lena:~ mcidas$ mcidas
> kCGErrorRangeCheck : Window Server communications from outside of
> session allowed for root and console user only
> INIT_Processeses(), could not establish the default connection to the
> WindowServer.Abort trap

I got the same thing when trying to launch my McIDAS configuration
gui while logged into lena as 'mcidas' using 'ssh -Y address@hidden'.
Interestingly, however, I _am_ able to launch an xterm.

> This is the same error reported by another user in the support
> forum. (http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/support/help/MailArchives/idv/
> msg00802.html ).
> To be sure that window forwarding is working, I tried to open nedit
> using the following cmd and worked.
> lena:~ mcidas: nedit &
> This seems to be an issue of Mac OS X window manager.

It is not something I am familiar with.

> I was wondering if you were able to launch the McIDAS gui ?

I didn't try.

> any help
> in this regard would be greatly appreciated. I have kept the login
> information same as last time incase you want to access the machines
> again.

I am doing some research on the problems.  So far, I have learned that
I am unable to launch the version of 'wish' that was installed as part
of the operating system; the error message was the same.  I am able,
however, to launch an xterm with display back to my machine (using
'ssh -Y') and then launch the version of 'wish' built as part of
the McIDAS build:

<logged in as 'mcidas' using 'ssh -Y address@hidden'>
xterm &

-- from the xterm that popped up

cd ~mcidas

This is obviously telling me something important about what has to be
done in order to run programs, I am just not sure what it is yet :-(

I will keep researching...


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