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[McIDAS #WIH-500918]: question about McIDAS cross sections

Hi Julie,

I apologize for taking so long to get back to you on this.  Things
have been kinda crazy lately...

> Greetings from East Lansing!  Jim Brown just installed the 2005b
> version of McIDAS for us.  However, for the Vertical Cross Section
> option, we are not able to enter different lat and long values for
> the cross section when using the GUI.  Is this a know bug, or do we
> have something wrong with our compile?  Should we go back to an older
> version?  FYI, we are running Solaris 10.

I just verified the problem you are reporting on a Fedora Core 5
system, so it is not related to your running Solaris 10.  I see
that the error is mine: the widgets for specifying the beginning and
ending Lat,Lon points of the cross section were not set to allow user
input.  I will correct this error in an addendum and make this available
later this week (tomorrow or Wednesday).  In the meantime, you/Jim
can make the change simply by doing the following:

<as 'mcidas'>
-- edit the file ~mcidas/bin/upcguiprocs.tcl

at about line 16450 you will find the beginning of the proceedure
that creates the widget for sounding cross sections, addeRaobXsect.
Within that procedure (proc addeRaobXsect), scroll down until
you find the following two widget definitions:

    # Beginning and ending latitudes
    frame $w.ll1

    label $w.ll1.lab -text "Beginning (Lat Lon) pair:"

    combobox $w.ll1.combo              \
        -editable      false           \
        -dropdownfont  $FixedFont13    \
        -listvar       raobXsect(LL1s) \
        -textvariable  raobXsect(LL1)  \
        -width         $addewidth
    set_balloon $w.ll1.combo "Enter latitudes at X-section ends"

    # Beginning and ending longitudes
    frame $w.ll2

    label $w.ll2.lab -text "Ending (Lat Lon) pair:"

    combobox $w.ll2.combo              \
        -editable      false           \
        -dropdownfont  $FixedFont13    \
        -listvar       raobXsect(LL2s) \
        -textvariable  raobXsect(LL2)  \
        -width         $addewidth
    set_balloon $w.ll2.combo "Enter longitudes at X-section ends"

All you need to do to affect the fix is:


-editable      false           \


-editable      true            \

This change must be made in each widget.

After making the editing change, the simplest thing to do is
exit the current McIDAS session and restart a new one.

> Hope all is well with you.

I am doing well, thanks!  I trust you are well also.
It was great seeing you in Atlanta even though it was
only for a couple of minutes!

> Julie A. Winkler, PhD
> Professor
> Department of Geography
> 238 Geography Building
> Michigan State University
> East Lansing, MI 48824-1115
> Email: address@hidden
> Telephone: 517-355-4649 (main office); 517-353-9186 (personal office)
> web page: http://www.msu.edu/user/winkler


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