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[McIDAS #YMW-285589]: Fwd: sfcrpt.k

Hi Randy,

re: SFCRPT accesses the RTWXTEXT dataset, not RTPTSRC

> ok but commands like WXTLIST return data and i believe
> they too access the RTWXTEXT datasets.

Yes, WXTLIST does access the RTWXTEXT dataset.

>any suggestions on the noaapxcd machine?

I have seen instances like yours before (i.e., WXTLIST works,
but *RPT does not).  I never really understood exactly how/why
the TEXT serving wasn't complete other than to notice that XCD
was not creating all of the files needed by the TEXT server.
My solution has always been the following (this is draconian to
say the least):

<as 'ldm'>
ldmadmin stop

<as 'mcidas'>
-- CD to the directory in which XCD decoders create their output and:

   - delete all *.IDX files

-- CD to the working directory of the user running the XCD decoders
   (in Unidata McIDAS this is ~mcidas/workdata; in SSEC McIDAS I _think_
   that this is ~oper/mcidas/data, but I am not 100% sure); and:

   - delete DCLSTIDX.PTR

-- rerun XCD.BAT
-- rerun XCDDEC.BAT (NB: I can't remember if SSEC McIDAS still has XCDDEC.BAT)

-- make sure that your DECINFO.DAT file is one that was created by the current
   McIDAS installation (i.e., if you upgraded from a previous version of 
   it is safest to delete the file and recreate it using 'DECINFO LIST' followed

<as 'ldm'>
ldmadmin start

It seems that sometimes a file that is needed by XCD is not created/not created
correctly, and then the decoders don't create all of the files needed by the
TEXT server.

Also, it is always wise to check how your RTWXTEXT datasets are configured.  
is easily done by either running DSSERVE (DSSERVE LIST RTWXTEXT) or looking
at the entries in the server mapping table file RESOLV.SRV.


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