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[McIDAS #MEK-787706]: 20060126: MD data once again available on allegan; upgrade to v2005 request

Hi John,

> Thanks again for your help Tom!!!
> Your help and thoroughness are *greatly* appreciated.

No worries.  Glad to help when I can.

> I have updated the LDM software on webcat.gis.usu.edu as you
> described below and I have moved /var/data to a larger partition
> /export/webcat1 and created a symbolic link to this new location
> to allow for more substantial disk space utilization.

Very good.  Because of the increased disk space, I have turned GRID
decoding back on and increased the number of days to keep POINT
(e.g., surface, upper air, etc.) data from 2 to 3.

> Rob Gillies and I were testing McIDAS 2005 on allegan today and
> we noticed two things.

Say HI to Rob for me.

> We were running mcidas_start.sh on another client system and received
> the following error:

I don't recognize 'mcidas_start.sh'.  Is it a locally written script?

> ld.so.1: mcwish: fatal: libfui.so.2: open failed: No such file or directory
> Killed

I have never seen this problem before.

> libfui.so.2 was not installed on the client system so I will install Sun
> Studio11 on the client system to resolve this issue.
> The second issue that we ran into we weren't able to resolve.   After
> starting
> McIDAS if we then view the meteorgrams we receive an error ".balloon
> command not found"

This is very odd indeed.  This procedure is part of the library of Tcl/Tk
procedures included in the McIDAS distribution (in ~mcidas/bin/upcguiprocs.tcl).

> We then start receiving errors ".meteor command not found" in several
> other routines
> that were operating fine and now are freezing up with the .meteor error.
> Restarting McIDAS everything again worked fine until we went to view the
> meteorgrams
> again.   Any ideas?

The only thing I can think of is your 'mcidas_start.sh' script is not setting
something that needs to be set.  Please try to use the standard way of starting
Unidata McIDAS:


-- or --

mcidas -config

and let me know if that works OK.

> Thanks again for all of your tremendous help!

No worries.

> P.S. You should have full sudo access as mcidas on webcat and allegan.


> --
> John Weeks
> Sr. Unix Systems Administrator
> 435-797-7133
> For Assistance with USU CNR Unix Issues:
> address@hidden or
> http://www.gis.usu.edu/helpdesk/


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