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[McIDAS #GFC-281181]: Adde server

Hi Randy,

> I have a machine with mcidas MD files on them. I would like this machine
> to be an ADDE server for those files. I have never done this before and
> am unsure of the procedure.

Are you using Unidata McIDAS?  If yes, the procedure is very simple and is
discussed in the Unidata McIDAS-X Users Guide:


The instructions contained in this URL assume:

- you are using Unidata McIDAS
- you have installed McIDAS in an account named 'mcidas'
- you have setup an account named 'mcadde' that:
  - is NOT a login account
  - has the SAME home directory as the user 'mcidas'
- you have configured your 'mcidas' account to define needed Unix
  environment variables for McIDAS (e.g., MCDATA, MCPATH, MCTABLE_READ, 
- your system administrator has configured your machine's firewall to allow
  communications through port 112
- the site is using the Unidata LDM and McIDAS-XCD in combination with one 

The configuration that is explained is one where McIDAS-XCD is creating output
data files (e.g., MDXXnnnn, GRIDnnnn, *.XCD, *.IDX, etc.) in a single directory
that is identified by the McIDAS string XCDDATA.  In the Unidata McIDAS scheme 
things, users define a set of file REDIRECTions that locate the files that 

The basic concepts are simple:

- "teach" McIDAS about the location of the data files to be served by defining
  file REDIRECTions (e.g., REDIRECT ADD MDXX "/data/mcidas).  The file of 
  REDIRECTions in my distribution is ~mcidas/data/EXAMPLE.NAM.  The user
  makes the copy ~mcidas/data/LOCAL.NAM which s/he then edits to set the 
  paths to reflect her/his McIDAS installation and desired output directory.

- make a copy of the file containing example ADDE server mapping table
  configurations (a series of DSSERVE commands).  The file in my distribution
  is ~mcidas/data/DSSERVE.BAT.  The copy to be made would be 
  The user then edits LSSERVE.BAT to include or exclude dataset definitions that
  s/he wants while adjusting file locations (DIRFILE= keyword values) wherever
  needed.  NOTE: DSSERVE.BAT has definitions for all of the datasets that one
  could create with McIDAS-XCD and for images included in the Unidata IDD 
  (GOES imagery), NNEXRAD (NEXRAD Level III products), and NEXRCOMP (NEXRAD 
Level III
  composite images).  It is most likely that you would comment out (or delete) 
  of the definitions in your local copy, LSSERVE.BAT.

- after making changes the local file copies above (LOCAL.NAM and LSSERVE.BAT), 
  user 'mcidas' would CD to her/his McIDAS working directory (~mcidas/workdata 
  Unidata McIDAS; ~mcidas/mcidas/data for SSEC McIDAS) and make the definitions

  <as 'mcidas'>
  cd ~mcidas/workdata
  te.k XCDDATA \"/directory_where_your_XCD_datafiles_live
  redirect.k REST LOCAL.NAM
  batch.k LSSERVE.BAT

After the last step, the user 'mcidas' should be able to access the various data
as LOCAL-DATA.  You should test this using things like:

<as mcidas>
cd ~mcidas/workdata
dmap.k MDXX
dsserve.k LIST RTPTSRC

Your question goes beyond this, however, since you want this machine to act as
a remote ADDE server.  The steps past this point are very simple in Unidata

- copy ~mcidas/admin/mcadde_env.ksh ~mcidas/.mcenv
- edit ~mcidas/.mcenv and modify the environment variables to match
  your McIDAS installation (may require no modifications)
- setup the ADDE remote severe access as 'root':

<as 'root'>
cd ~mcidas
sh ./mcinet2005.sh install mcadde

Assuming that there were no errors while running mcinet2005.sh, and assuming
that your system administrator has configured your machine's firewall to allow
traffic through port 112, you should now be able to access the ADDE datasets
defined above (the batch.k LSSERVE.BAT step) through the remote interface.

> Thanks,

No worries.  Good to see you at AMS...


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