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[McIDAS #MHL-637032]: question about imgremap

Hi Ying,

> The TIFF image looks fine, thanks!


> So SSEC displayed the RECT TIFF image,right?

I was under the impression that they did, yes.  I know that the RECTilinear 
projection is the only
one supported by McIDAS (at the moment) from comments in the Users Guide 
section for the DSSERVE

GeoTIFF Dataset Remarks

GeoTIFF images are similar to TIFF images, but include calibration and 
navigation information. They
are used by the GIS community and can be viewed with ARCVIEW or other GIS 
software packages.

You can create GeoTIFF image files from other TYPE=IMAGE datasets. To do so, 
make a GeoTIFF image
dataset with a DSSERVE command similar to: DSSERVE ADD GEOTIFF/GOES GEOT 1 9999 
GOES image files. Then specify GEOTIFF/GOES as the destination dataset with a 
positive position
number in an IMGCOPY, IMGFILT, IMGOPER or IMGREMAP command. If you use IMGCOPY, 
the source image must be in a rectilinear projection. If you use IMGREMAP, the 
source image can be
in any projection, but you must specify PRO=RECT to make the destination 
GeoTIFF image a rectilinear
projection. IMGFILT, IMGOPER, and IMGREMAP save the image with BRIT 
calibration. IMGCOPY can save it
with other calibrations by using the UNIT keyword.

The output file name consists of TIFF followed by the position number and 
extension .tif . For example,
the command IMGCOPY GOESEAST/VIS GEOTIFF/GOES.300 SIZE=ALL creates an output 
file named TIFF0300.tif that's
mapped to position 300 of the dataset GEOTIFF/GOES.

> How can I contact them for details?

I just submitted an inquiry to the developer of the GeoTIFF output ADDE server. 
 Hopefully, she can
give me some quick help on the problem you are seeing.

> I will try to figure it out by reading source code.

I just did that, and I decided that contacting the developer would probably be 

> If you have any info, it will be appreciating!

I tried to view one of your images in ArcGIS (ArcMap) here at the UPC, but our 
license key for
the ESRI code has expired.  Since the Unidata IDV can also display images in 
GeoTIFF format,
I decided to use it to look at the images that were being created.  IDV would 
display the
images, but only as simple TIFFs, not GeoTIFFs (i.e., no navigation was 
found/usable).  This
is the primary reason that I decided to send an inquiry to the developer.


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