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[McIDAS #CNG-313550]: MCIDAS: Installation help

Hi Jim,

> Nice to make your acquaintance.  


> The Department of Geography is teaching
> a Meteorology course this quarter and they plan on using McIDAS-X.

I have been in touch with Mike Keables about McIDAS issues recently.

> Incidently, this is, now, the first time I've had to install and use

You must be in the DU IT department as Mike and I have had many exchanges
about McIDAS installation and configuration over the years.

> The plan is to run the software package on a machine with FC4
> using a clean installation.  Gcc 4.0.0 and g77 2.8.1 were used in the
> compilation.

OK, the versions of gcc and g77 we use here at Unidata on our FC4 64-bit
machines are gcc 4.0.2 and g77 3.2.3.  Your versions should be fine as

> No errors were obvious and I believe the compile to be
> sane.  However, I am now receieving this error on application execution:

> address@hidden ~]$  mcidasx
> WARNING: only run as the user 'mcidas' for supervisory tasks
> Running McIDAS configuration GUI...
> address@hidden ~]$ Error in startup script: invalid command name
> "fileToList"
> while executing
> "fileToList $mcrcfile"
> (procedure "readMcidasrc" line 139)
> invoked from within
> "readMcidasrc "$home/.mcidasrc""
> (file "/home/mcidas/mcidas2005/src/mcidas" line 667)

> Any and all help would be greatly appreciated in hunting this down.

It appears that you are working your way through the installation portion
of the online McIDAS-X Users Guide and have gotten to the testing
the installation section.  If this is true, then you may have missed
this comment about skipping the testing phase if this is a brand new
installation.  If you did the installation as advised and returned
back to the testing section, it is likely that one or more of the 
Linux environment variables that need to be set are not set or not set
correctly.  In any case since this is a brand new installation, I
recommend skipping the testing section as you are committed to doing
the installation (the testing was designed for users that are upgrading
from a previous release).

After you have done the installation, and _if_ you have setup reading
of the ~mcidas/admin/mcidas_env.xxx file (.csh for Cshell; .sh for
Bourne, Korn, or BASH shells), then the best approach is to logoff
and then log back on.  At this point the environment variables needed
to run McIDAS should be set, and you can run through the McIDAS
commands listed in the testing section.  In this case, do not change
your environment variables in  the manner listed in the testing section.


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