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[McIDAS #JAX-852168]: McIDAS - Linking Error

Hi Ron,

Sorry for the slow reply.

>SuSE is a rpm-based distribution, so reinstalling the ncurses packages
>won't change anything. 

My thinking was that the "skipping incompatible /usr/lib/libcurses.so when 
searching for -lcurses"
message was trying to tell us that the curses library being found (through
the link) was not the correct one for the OS installation.  I imagined that
this could happen if the machine was upgraded from a previous OS.  Forcing
a reinstallation _should_ rewrite the library and create the links.

>I hacked the makefile so the linker would look
>for the ncurses libraries instead of curses libaries. That solved the

OK.  The fact that this worked and the 'libcurses.a' link did not
seems most strange to me.

>Now, when I try to run mcidas, I get:
>address@hidden:~> bin/mcidas
>Application initialization failed: no display name and no $DISPLAY
>environment variable

It looks like you started your X window session as one user and then
became 'mcidas'.  Try setting the Unix DISPLAY environment variable
to the host.  Alternately, start X windows as 'mcidas'.  Then
DISPLAY will be set to the default display.

>Did I miss something in the confirguration?

Nope.  This is a problem that will be had with any X window display
application (e.g., xterm, xclock, etc.).  The Unix/Linux DISPLAY
environment variable must be set if the user you are running as did
not start X windows.


No worries.


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