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20060109: No MD data being written to /data/mcidas

>From:  John Weeks <address@hidden>
>Organization:  USU
>Keywords:  200601100200.k0A20g7s021950 McIDAS-XCD decode

Hi John,

I am the McIDAS support contact for Unidata.

>We are not seeing any /data/mcidas/MD* files being generated
>on allegan.gis.usu.edu.   I have checked file permissions to be
>writeable by mcidas and ldm.   This problem started several
>weeks ago but I don't have a good estimate on the actual failure
>date.   I installed mcidas 2005 on webcat.gis.usu.edu and I am
>seeing similar results as well.
>allegan# su - mcidas
>Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.8       Generic February 2000
>You have mail.
>ptlist.k: No MD files found
>ptlist.k: Done
>allegan% allegan% ls -ld /data /data/mcidas /data/mcidas/MD*
>drwxrwxrwx  10 ldm      ldm          512 Jan  9 10:44 /data
>drwxrwxr-x   2 ldm      ldm         6656 Jan  9 17:07 /data/mcidas
>-rw-rw-r--   1 ldm      ldm      10719232 Oct 16  2002 /data/mcidas/MD340456
>-rw-rw-rw-   1 ldm      ldm        29404 Jan  9 17:01 /data/mcidas/MDXX0079
>-rw-rw-rw-   1 ldm      ldm        31964 Jan  9 18:55 /data/mcidas/MDXX0080
>allegan% touch /data/mcidas/foo
>allegan% rm /data/mcidas/foo
>Any pointers would be much appreciated.

I suspect that the file SCHEMA may have been deleted from the directory
into which the McIDAS-XCD decoders are configured to write their ouput,
but there are other possibilities as well.

>I am taking over for the upgrades
>that Dan Dansereau used to perform and am fairly new to McIDAS but very
>familiar with Solaris.  

Is Dan still at USU?

>You are welcome to login as mcidas to allegan or webcat.
>I can provide you with the password if you need it.

I can login and look around if you give me the passwords for the
'mcidas' and 'ldm' accounts on the ingest machine (still allegan?).
If you agree to this, please send the passwords _without reference
to account names or machine to me at address@hidden

>John Weeks
>    435-757-7677 cell
>John Weeks
>Sr. Unix Systems Administrator
>For Assistance with USU CNR Unix Issues:
>   address@hidden or 
>   http://www.gis.usu.edu/helpdesk/    


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