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Re: 20051130: MciDAS-X 2005...new and improved with GCC 4.02-8?

Hi Tom,

Well, I was awake last night, so I finished the new McIDAS distribution
and built it on weather, weather2, and weather3.  I finished the
installation on weather and weather2 but not on weather3.  I rebuilt
the v2005 distributions from scratch:

One of the files that got updated in the addendum was ADDEIMAGE.CORE.
On weather you had modified this file to add load definitions for the
NASADATA dataset.  Before the upgrade (actually the last time I was on
weather), I copied your modified version of ADDEIMAGE.CORE to the
~mcidas/workdata directory (so your modifications would not be lost).

Thank you!!!! I forgot about that...

Since one of the modifications I made to ADDEIMAGE.CORE was the
addition of the publically accessible PUB dataset from SATEPS ADDE
server, and since this is imagery data that you _will_ want to be
accessing (trust me, the server has GOES-East/West, METEOSAT-7, and
MTSAT imagery), you should now do the following:

OK, I will do that when I get time later today.

I need to do some work on the MCGUI that will better handle site
definitions like the one you have made.  This will need to wait for the
next addendum, however.

Good, since it is a bit cumbersome to do.

The problem you are seeing with 'ar' is appearing in all of the latest
Linux and FreeBSD distributions I have seen (e.g., SuSE, Slackware,
Mandriva; FreeBSD 5.4).  I am assuming that it is a fundamental bug in
the open source for 'ar'.  The interesting thing is that slow(er)
machines running the new versions of Linux do not exhibit the problem.
Anyway, the builds on weather, weather[23] went without a hiccup.  I
have also verified that my "fix" (hack/workaround) works well on
FreeBSD 5.4.


One last thing.  Do you now have your Gbps I2 connection?  I noticed
that the downloads for the McIDAS distribution were much faster than
the last time I tried, but were still not screamingly fast (300 KB/s
which is about the same as I get at home!).

No, not yet. The improvement was due to:

1. A bad network switch at my building was replaced
2. Network troublemakers got the boot.

Last I heard, 12/1 was the day of turning it on. I emailed the network admin doing this but he never got back to me today. We shall see...
that may be a good sign...

(NOTE: I put the new version of the full distribution in the ~mcidas
directory on weather3 and deleted the old v2005 distributions from

Fantastic. Thank you so much, Tom. Now to play around and see what you have done!!! Will let you know that I think and see after I play around with it.

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