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20051115: Accessing bufr data via noaaport (cont.)

>From: "Alliss, Randall J." <address@hidden>
>Organization: NGC
>Keywords: 200511151537.jAFFbu7s016602 LDM McIDAS-XCD bufr

Hi Randy,

re: how is your processing setup

>Ok...let me see if I can explain.
>1) We have a box hooked to the NOVRA receiver (noaapnew)
>2) Its connected to another box (noaapxcd) which is running
>mcidasXCD2004  ( I think we need to upgrade to 2005)
>3) So the data comes in through the LDM and it is then transfered to the
>noaapxcd machine.

The data is sent using the LDM from noaapnew to noaapxcd, correct?  How
is the data processed out of the LDM queue into XCD?  The reason I ask
is you might be doing something recommended by SSEC, and I do something
that I developed, and they might be different.

To answer a previous question, if you send all model products (all of
the bufr producs are put into the HDS feed) received to the McIDAS-X
binary ingester, ingebin.k, and do nothing else with them, then they
will be "lost" if the McIDAS-XCD side is not setup to process them

All bufr products have an 'I' or 'J' as the first letter of their
product ID.  Knowing this, you can use the LDM utility 'notifyme' on
either the NOAAPORT ingest machine (noaapnew) or on your XCD machine
(noaapxcd) to see their receipt:

<as 'ldm'>
notifyme -vxl- -f HDS -o 3600 -p '^[IJ]'

This lists out all bufr products received within the last 3600
seconds.  When it catches up to the end of the queue, it will show you
the products as they are received.

>4) Other machines can then access the live data through standard mcidas
>Does this help?

Mostly.  The 'notifyme' example above will convince you that you
are receiving the bufr products from NOAAPORT.  The question to be
answered next is what is being done with them:

- what did you setup in your ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf file for an action
  for HDS products

- how did you configure your McIDAS-XCD data monitor to process the
  bufr products



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