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20051115: adde.ucar.edu IP address change; action required

>From: Unidata Support <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200511151408.j7TDnujo003962 McIDAS ADDE

Hi Mark,

I am sure you are not the appropriate person at the OU/NSSL to send
this note to, but I am hoping you can help me track down the appropriate

Several weeks ago I sent a note to the Unidata-maintained mcidas-x and
ldm-users email lists announcing that the machine known as
adde.ucar.edu (aka motherlode.ucar.edu) had been changed to new
hardware.  McIDAS users that are accessing off of the old machine the
data need to run a 'DATALOC HOST' to update the client routing table
entry(ies) that point to adde.ucar.edu.

There are two machines at NSSL that continue to access data off
of the old adde.ucar.edu.  The NSSL machines' are:  brdell.nssl.noaa.gov    nat.nssl.noaa.gov

One tidbit of info that may help is the user from the second machine
is logging into McIDAS with user name 'BOBR'.  Access from the other
machine is using the default user name 'USER'.  Both users are only
accessing the 1 km N0R national NEXRAD composite images.

Could you help me figure out who may be running McIDAS on these machines?
Any help you can provide in this would be most appreciated.  We need to
decommission the old adde.ucar.edu as soon as possible.

Just so you know, a new machine that functions as adde.ucar.edu is up
and running, but this machine is running McIDAS-X v2005, so access to
its ADDE server will need to be through port 112, not 500/503.

Here is the original message I sent out the the Unidata-maintained
mcidas-x and ldm-users email lists:

  Users of the McIDAS ADDE server adde.ucar.edu:
  We have transitioned the machine known as adde.ucar.edu (aka
  motherlode.ucar.edu) from Sun Enterprise E420 to SunFire 480 hardware.
  The machine has also been moved from the NCAR machine room to the
  Unidata offices at Foothills Lab #4.
  Because of the relocation of adde.ucar.edu, the IP address has changed
  from to  This change coupled with
  McIDAS' cache of ADDE server IP addresses in its client routing table
  requires the following steps be undertaken by sites accessing data from
  the ADDE server adde.ucar.edu:
    <login as the user 'mcidas'>
    cd $MCDATA
    dataloc.k HOST
  If you have cron-initiated scripts run from an account other than 'mcidas'
  that access adde.ucar.edu:
    <login as the user running the cron-initiated scripts>
    cd $MCDATA
    dataloc.k HOST
  'DATALOC HOST' will force McIDAS to update its client routing table
  (pointed at through $MCTABLE_WRITE) cache of IP address for all hosts.
  Please follow the above procedures as soon as you are able.  ADDE
  access to the old adde.ucar.edu machine (IP address
  will begin failing at the beginning of the week of November 7.
  Thanks in advance for your prompt attention in this matter!
  Please send any questions/comments regarding the above procedure to
  Unidata User Support <address@hidden>.

Thanks in advance...



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