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20051112: adde.ucar.edu IP address changed (cont.)

>From: "Kwan-yin Kong" <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200508291349.j7TDnujo003962 McIDAS ADDE

Hi Kwan,

re: IP change for adde.ucar.edu; requires action

>Thanks for sending me the reminders.  I finally read your 
>email, and I made the changes you've indicated.  You said 
>that you sent an email regarding the IP change to the 
>mcidas-x and ldm-users lists, but I did not get it (or so 
>I think).  Am I on the email list?  Perhaps only Prof. 
>Hindman is on the list?

I just checked, and you are correct: Prof. Hindman was the
only one at CCNY that was subscribed to the mcidas-x list.
I just added you, so you will get messages sent to the list
from now on.

>When I read that I needed to change a McIDAS 
>configuration, I thought it would be "very involved".  But 
>all it was needed was to run DATALOC HOST in the accounts. 
>Thanks for making the procedures as simple as it is. 

No worries.

> This was "simple" compared with what I have been doing 
>lately--installing NCAR graphics on a Linux machine. 
> Little did I know that prior to installing NCARG, I 
>needed to install HDF, ZLIB, JPEG, etc first.  Then I had 
>to change directory locations in a hdf.c file before it 
>finally compiled successfully!

Sounds painful.  Didn't the NCARG instructions expain the

>I found the same HDF, 
>ZLIB, JPEG in my own 'mcidas' account, I guess they came 
>and installed with the McIDAS package, right?

Right.  External packages required by McIDAS are bundled
with the distribution and added to the makefile.  This was
done to make a user's life as easy as possible.

>Thanks again,

No worries.  Good to hear from you.



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