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Re: 20050823: mcidasx problem

Hi Tom--

Thank you for thinking of me and my problem while you were on
vacation.  I now am on leave to help my Mom in the Bay Area.  I should
be back this Friday though the leave could be extended depending on
when her surgery is scheduled.

I got mcidas to come up with mcidas -config, but I had to do few
tricks.  The error message from the script file said it couldn't find a
file -- don't recall the name, now -- so I found the file and put it
where it would find it and the script ran.  But I still am having
problems related to ldm-mcidas, eg. .RAT/.RAP -- one is being created,
but the other isn't.  I tried some of the fixes that you helped me with
before to no avail.

I think my problems are related to not having the environmental
variables/paths set up right.  As I mentioned, I was doing another
clean install.


An aside here, when I first started installing mcidas2005--it was under
Fedora C3--and all was going well until I saw that mcidas would also
work under C4.  I am planning to retire in a couple of months and want
to leave the systems as up to date and easy to maintain as I can.
So....I did a clean install of Fedora C4, and found out that GEMPAK
wouldn't run.   It couldn't find the proper version of  libc***?  (the
c library, can't think of the exact name).  [I had changed over to FC3
several months ago because of the same problem with RH 9 and the
previous version of GEMPAK].   Based on that symptom, I erased
everything and reinstalled C3. (I'm getting enough practice now that
that all goes pretty fast.)


I really like the new, default installation scripts that you have set
up for mcidas; they are a big help.  But I seem to have chronic
problems with setting up the environmental variables.  Maybe recalling
for you what I have been doing will give you some insight into where I
seem to be going astray.   We have dual head machines and I bring up
the unidata web page on one monitor and a terminal screen on the
other.  As I try to follow the links down through the instructions on
the web page, it is my recollection that I seem to be going down
different paths/links at times during different times I have done an
install, and it is perhaps the differences in the instructions on the
two or more paths I take through the instructions that seem to be the

Another thing to consider is that there might be differences in the
sequence of setting up various programs (gempak, mcidas,ldm,ldm-mcidas)
that could affect the set up.  For example, ldm-mcidas installs SCHEMA
and several other files into /data/ldm/mcidas.  Ldm-mcidas is an older
program, and mcidas2005 also installs the same files.  If I install
mcidas first, and then ldm-mcidas, do I get different results?   (I
installed ldm-mcidas first this time.)  If there is a proper sequence
of installation on a new box, perhaps the unidata web page could
include a list of what the proper sequence to install these programs is
as a starting point for all installations or perhaps a "If you are new,
start here" page.

Also, we have decided not to install the ADDE server.  Are there steps
in there that should be taken that are missed if we skip that step?

Anyway,  when I get back, I will do a clean, new install of mcidas, and
at each page of the unidata/mcidas web pages that I follow, I will
document the URL's of the pages and links that I follow and when I take
a link detour.  I hope this might be of help to you in deciding whether
I am truely incompetent or loosing my faculties -- or I just have a
nack for taking the wrong path.

Anyway, I will try to email you the day after tomorrow, Friday, or at
the latest on Tuesday after the holidays.

Thanks again for all your help.


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