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20050809: HidroSig and creating image loops using McIDAS

>From:  Ricardo Mantilla <address@hidden>
>Organization:  CU
>Keywords:  200508091531.j79FV0jo003790 McIDAS

Hi Ricardo,

>I just send the email to my group in Colombia regarding LDM and McIDAS.  
>I will wait for their response.

I got the CC and read through your email.  I think that it is a good
introduction to some of the basic capabilities that McIDAS offers.

>I hope you liked the examples I set up in:

I liked your examples very much.

>I could not get that FRMOLAY to work, so I created animations with the 
>IR and VIS bands.

When I get the chance, I will look into why we couldn't get FRMOLAY to
work with regular satellite data.

>I wanted to share with you a preprint of the GIS we are developing in 
>Colombia.  I was the main architect of the program while I was in 
>Colombia, but after I came other people took over and have been 
>developing it further.

Very nice!

>I had a problem setting up the scripts to create the images.  I could 
>not set up a loop to create the images, instead I had to create them one 
>at the time.

Hmm... Creating a loop of images in McIDAS should be easy enough.
Each frame would need to be captured individually, however, since
FRMSAVE does not have the  option of saving an animated GIF.

>I have attached the two scripts that I am using to create and update the 
>animations (Notice That I set up my REDIRECT to write the images in a 
>public web directory)

This email did not contain any attachments.  Can you send them again?

>Notice that in goesSetup.sh I had to write a line of code for each 
>image, while in goesUpdate.sh I could use the bash loop syntax to rotate 
>my images.  How can I get loops to work after the mcenv line?

>P.S.  I want to thank you again for the McIDAS workshop.  It sure was an 
>enlightening experience.

As you noted in the email you sent to the list, McIDAS can be daunting
at first.  The good news is that it gets a lot easier the more you use
the package.


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