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20050712: wavelet decompression ADDE server code (cont.)

>From:  "Valentijn Venus" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  ITC
>Keywords: 200507011338.j61DcBjo014148 McIDAS MSG wavlet development

Hi Valentijn,

>Humidity here in Arnhem (the city form the picture "no bridge too far") is at 
>94%, but it feels nowhere near to what it was in Benin earlier this year. 

We have the opposite weather: the humidity here in the summer is typically
less than 10%!

>Bas (cc) mentioned he's interested in the NOAAPORT GINI ADDE server
(giniaget) example. Is it included in the regular McIDAS distro, or can
>you point us to a webaddress?

It is included in the standard McIDAS distribution (the one from
SSEC) as long as the version is new enough (v2004 for SSEC's distribution
and v2001 or v2002 for Unidata's).  Look for the files:


where <version> is to be replaced with the version you have.



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