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20050609: URNT11 reports on NOAAPORT

>From:  McIDAS Help Desk <address@hidden>
>Organization:  SSEC
>Keywords:  200506091325.j59DP1Zu024140 McIDAS-XCD URNT11

Hi Jay,

>Quick question for you... we have a user at JSC asking about URNT11
>hurricane reports.  The formatting from our Noaaport feed running XCD
>2005 seems incorrect:
>URNT11 KNHC 09102897779 10244 50211 85800 73100 16021 66753
>WXTLIST: done
>The report itself should look like this I believe:
>URNT11 KNHC 091028
>97779 10244 50211 85800 73100 16021 66753 /5757
>RMK AF304 0201A CYCLONE OB 14
>We don't have a 2004 XCD to test this to see if it's just a Noaaport
>feed problem or a XCD 2005 problem.  Do you have any 2004 XCD servers to
>check the RTWXTEXT group with this command?

Yes, there are several:

atm.geo.nsf.gov                <- operated by the UPC
adde.ucar.edu                  <- operated by the UPC
papagayo.unl.edu               <- Unidata community machine
weather2.admin.niu.edu         <- Unidata community machine
stratus.al.noaa.gov            <- Unidata community machine
pscwx.plymouth.edu             <- Unidata community machine

>Thanks, Jay

No worries.


>From address@hidden  Thu Jun  9 11:12:45 2005

Hi Tom-

Thanks for your help.  The WXTLIST command output is the same on all the
2004 and 2005 servers.  Must be a Noaaport "thing." 

Thanks, Jay

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