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20050127: wavelet decompression ADDE server code

>From:  "Valentijn Venus" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  ITC
>Keywords:  200501271125.j0RBPVv2006190 McIDAS XCD gribdec.tar.Z ADDE

Hi Tom,

>i'm looking for an ADDE pointer to archived ECMWF surface incident
>shortwave radiation (w/m^2). Is there ADDE server with global model
>data, that goes back to 2002/2003/2004?

The McIDAS GRID server can works with data converted from GRIB (not
GRIB2) to McIDAS GRID format.  The decoders are included in Unidata
McIDAS-X as the XCD component, and also in the gribdec.tar.Z bundle
that can be found in the unix/gribdec directory of passworded
ftp for the Unidata McIDAS distribution.

>Something else: i have problems making a local dataset (MSG HRIT
>segmented files) remotely accessible. Every time i run a DATALOC ADD,
>only on the serving machine the ADDE shows up. Other clients cannot see
>it, whereas i previously could achieve the same quit easily. Any ideas?

This could be due to firewall issues or to you not having setup/setup
completely the remote ADDE server:

<as 'mcidas'>
create the .mcenv file in ~mcidas (as per web page instructions)
make sure that the compress and uncompress applications can be found
in the PATH in .mcenv (if using 'compress' compressed access; the
current recommendation is to use 'gzip' compressed data transfers
set by the end user defining MCCOMPRESS to be GZIP before running
his/her McIDAS session)

<as 'root'>

create the user 'mcadde' and make it have the same HOME directory
as the user 'mcidas' but have no login shell

cd ~mcidas
sh ./mcinet2004.sh install mcadde

If remote access still doesn't work, it most likely means that
access (to ports 112, 500, and or 503) is blocked through a firewall;
that there is an error in ~mcidas/.mcenv; that the ~mcidas directory
is not readable/writable by the user 'mcadde'; and/or that the user 'mcadde'
is not in the same group as 'mcidas'.

>Btw, do you have any news on the wavelet compression issue?

Not yet, sorry.


I will not be in the office today or tomorrow.  I will be checking email
on Saturday when I return home.



>From address@hidden  Thu Jan 27 07:58:55 2005

Thanks for the swift reply. I'll try per your instructions to get the
ADDE server issues solved. I cannot be a firewall issue because I'm
within the LAN. 


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