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20040827: netCDF ADDE server

>From:  "Biggerstaff, Brice A9" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  JSFC
>Keywords:  200408271350.i7RDoRXn020521 McIDAS ADDE netCDF

Hi Brice,

>  I know this is a long time in coming,

It sure has been (December 9!) :-)

>but we have hit a snag after
>all.  Paul has gotten our version of a BUFR Point data decoder working
>and we are getting the new GFS, ETA and RUC data from NCEP and about to
>replace our MD decoders.  However, when he adds in character data such
>as the character representation of the station ID, the ADDE server,
>ncdfks, fails, even if you haven't requested the character field.  Have
>you ever seen this type of behavior?  And, if so, what's the fix?  Paul
>can provide more information about exactly how he is putting the
>character data in and what the errors are.

I have not seen this behavior, but I am not greatly suprised.  The
netCDF ADDE server needs some close attention to make it more useful.
Since there is interest here at the UPC for added functionality in the
server, I will add looking at the code to my list of development

It will be very useful to get a test dataset that shows the failure so
I can find the problem you are seeing.  The problem with getting it
rignt now is that I will be heading to the airport in about three hours
to fly to Brazil.  I won't be returning until September 13.


No worries.



From: "Biggerstaff, Brice A9" <address@hidden>
Subject: RE: 20040827: netCDF ADDE server
To: address@hidden
Cc: "Thammavongsouk, Paul" <address@hidden>

Have a good trip then and we will catch you on the flip side!


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