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20040224: Image comparison program?

Hi all-- just wondering if there is a McIDAS program that will do 
image-to-image comparisons?
I am not talking about remapping image A into image B's projection, or 
in some other way forcing
the images to be coincident;  rather, I've simply got 2 images of any 
projection and coverage,
and I want to compare them objectively.  We here at CIMSS would find 
such a program very

 From what I can see,  IMGOPER and IMGPROBE, and the XRD routine ASTAT 
come the
closest to what I'm looking for.  Also, the program needs to be 
ADDE-based-- I don't want
to have to IMGCOPY one image to my computer before doing the 
comparison.   Perhaps
somebody out there has already done the job, or has some software that 
"almost" does the
job.   If the program doesn't already exist, I plan on putting one 
together and making it available
for XRD. 

Thank you!



From: Bill Hibbard <address@hidden>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 14:48:56 -0600 (CST)
To: address@hidden
Subject: Re: Image comparison program?

Hi Jim,

I can't resist saying that image comparison from ADDE fits
very well into VisAD, and could probably be done in Unidata's
IDV via a Python script. Perhaps this task could be a use
case for the McIDAS V effort.

For a task like this, VisAD/IDV combines McIDAS's smarts about
navigation and units with the easy scripting of Matlab/IDL.


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