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20031228: LDM and McIDAS setup at Western Michigan (cont.)

>From: Karthik Samudram Jayaraman <address@hidden>
>Organization: Western Michigan
>Keywords: 200310251920.h9PJKRgf026027 McIDAS LDM install

Hi Karthik,

>Wow Mr Tom,
>Couple of weeks back Dr Cutrim told me that you spoke to Mr pierce 
>over phone and i was told that you would get in touch with Dr cutrim 
>and she would then get in touch with me.

I did get to speak to Leonard Peirce for a short period right before
he left to go on vacation, and I did talk with Elen before she
headed for Egypt.

The setup at Western Michigan is enough different from a standard
installation of both LDM and McIDAS that I felt it was better for me to
plunge ahead and try and get things working Any problems I would run
into I would then report back to Leonard to try to get some
resolution.  What I left running on s400 seems to work, but it feels
fragile to me especially since it relies on soft links between the
/cutrim1/mcidas/... directories and corresponding ones in
/cutrim1/mcidas.  This is the main reason I suggested that we might
want to consider rebuilding McIDAS in its HOME directory.  Leonard
pointed  out to me that this is not possible for the LDM since it has
two routines that run as setuid root, and those can not live on NFS
mounted file systems.

>It is  nice to hear that you have set up the whole thing for us. 

No worries.  

>Thanks once again. Wish you a Merry christmas ( belated ) and a happy 
>new year.

The same to you.



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