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20031119: Unidata McIDAS-X Version 2003 under Fedora at NIU

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200311191905.hAJJ5lOb020725 McIDAS-X Fedora Linux


re: directories, etc. for 'mcidas' under Fedora

>That hasn't changed. I backed up everything in a tarball and then untarred 
>it. Nevertheless...
>> cd mcidas2003/src
>> make clobber
>> make all VENDOR=-g77
>> make installall VENDOR=-g77

One mistake in my last line.  It should be:

make install.all VENDOR=-g77

>OK. Did that on weather2. Now, the ADDE stuff doesn't work.

Which ADDE stuff?  The pointing to datasets and definition of datasets
does not get touched with either a 'make clobber' or 'make install...'.

>I tried 
>configuring it in the menu, and now nothing comes up. No images, not even 
>for loops. No error messages, either. What do I need to compile now?

I just logged onto weather2 (via weather3) and see the problem:
/usr/bin/compress and /usr/bin/uncompress are not there.  The specifying
of MCCOMPRESS=TRUE in your environment forces you to have compress/uncompress
installed in order for the "compress" compressed ADDE transfers to

compress is contained in ncompress-4.2.4-34 rpm.  Here is how I found
this out on our machine that had a _full_ Fedora install:

% rpm -q -f /usr/bin/compress 

So, you need to grab that RPM and install compress/uncompress (actually,
uncompress is just a link to compress after the installation).

>>The McIDAS decoders aren't liking Fedora one bit, either.

>Yep. Actually, I didn't need to recompile: I had set, in my .cshrc, to 
>export weather2:0.0 . But, I need to specify weather2.admin.niu.edu:0.0.
>I'll fix that. I know what's wrong there. Even so, now it should work.
>(just fixed it---still didn't help anything).

re: exporting X displays back to the UPC

I found out that the problem is that you are setting the DISPLAY
environment variable.  To tunnel X, DISPLAY has to be set by ssh.

re: changes needed in CFDGONLY.BAT
>I'm an idiot! I did this on weather, but didn't get the script over to 
>weather3. Yes, yes, it works. Sorry! And yes, I did change the 
>permissions. All is fine now.

OK, sounds good.

re: cron job that runs CFDGONLY.BAT
>Yes, I run it out of McIDAS.

So, why are the files owned by 'ldm'.  With that ownership, and with
the write permissions set to only allow owener to write to the
GIF files, the BATCH file will hang waiting for you to answer if
it is OK to overwrite.

>> - change references to RTGINI to either GINIEAST, GINIWEST, or GINICOMP
>>   as appropriate

re: install of Fedora on weather3
>Upgrading from RH9 to Fedora. So far, upgrading weather2 wasn't too much 
>of a hassle so far.


>Now...I'm still not doing something right. I still don't even know if the 
>decoders are good. Hmmm. Well, it doesn't like the 6 minute profiler 
>stuff, I'm getting broken pipes on that. Everything else seems to be OK, 
>though. Hmmm! Permissions...set.

The broken pipes for the profiler decoder would be caused by write problems
for the decoder or by there not being the SCHEMA, ROUTE.SYS, and SYSKEY.TAB
files in the directory into which the decoder is trying to write output.
This would parallel the permissions I am seeing on the GIF files for
the web pages.


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