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20031118: MCIDAS and SSEC satellite archives (cont.)

>From: "Servranckx,Rene [CMC]" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Environment Canada
>Keywords: 200310301548.h9UFmROb027580 McIDAS

Hi Rene,

>Thanks so much for the information.  

You are welcome.

>Your agreement with SSEC only allows you to
>distribute images. For raw data (i.e. that can 
>be processed), I would have to access the full 
>SSEC archives and  pay per megabyte of data 
>or whatever. Is my understanding correct? 

No, not quite.  The images in the UNIWISC datastream are data, not
pictures.  They are not the full resolution from the satellites,
however.  For instance, the current GOES satellites have 10 bits of
information for each channel and are oversample in the element
(horizontal) dimension.  The images we send out in our broadcast (IDD
relay) are 8 bit and the oversampling in the element dimension has been
removed (by sampling, not averaging).  Also, our sectors do not
represent the full spatial coverage available from GOES and they are
not available with the same frequence as GOES scans.  Again, the
coverage of the sectors currently in the datastream can be seen in:



If you need the full resolution data (temporal and/or spatial), then
you will need to get the data from the SSEC DataCenter or somewhere
else that has a repository of GOES data.

>Once again thanks for the info!

No worries.



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