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20031109: : McIDAS build at Western Michigan (cont.)

>From: Karthik Samudram Jayaraman <address@hidden>
>Organization: Western Michigan
>Keywords: 200310251920.h9PJKRgf026027 LDM compress


>I have sent the host name to your personal email account!!

I just tried using ssh to logon to s400.wood.wmich.edu and was
unsuccessful.   Since I don't even get the typical SSH prompt
asking me if I want to add this machine to my known_hosts file(s),
I have to assume that I am somehow blocked from reaching the machine
by a firewall or equivalent.  Can you shed some light on this?

Here is what I see when trying to SSH:

/home/yoksas% ssh s400.wood.wmich.edu -l mcidas        

That is as far as it gets.


>From address@hidden Wed Nov 12 07:31:50 2003


I have informed our admin about the possiblity of the presence of 
the firewall. He did check up and realised that it did. So he will 
do the necessary changes and inform me. So i will get in touch with 
you as soon as he does.

--Samudram Jayaraman Karthik

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