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20031104: mcidas 2003 at stc (cont.)

>From: "Anderson, Alan C. " <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 200311032124.hA3LOSOb005971 McIDAS ADDE

Hi Alan,

>I just opened waldo for telnet.  You should be able to
>get on.

OK, I got on and corrected several problems with the ADDE setup.  The
problems I fixed were all related to the switch of GOES-East from GOES-8
to GOES-12.  This tells me that ADDE serving of GOES-East images has not
been working for quite a long time at  STC.

I also saw that the GOES-East WV images are not being filed.  This is
undoubtedly due to the pattern used in the ~ldm/pqact.conf file.  This
also would have had to have been changed when GOES-East became GOES-12.
I tried to login as 'ldm', but I either have the wrong password, or
am remembering it incorrectly.  If you send my private mail the password
for 'ldm', I will correct the pqact.conf action(s) and get ingestion of
the GOES-East WV images working.

As I sign off for now, I am able to list out dataset contents on cyclone
that are served on waldo.  The last one to be cleaned up appears to
be the one for GOES-East WV. Also, do you want me to setup ingest
of NEXRAD Level III radar images and corresponding composite images?
This would be pretty easy, and it would give you local radar displays
that you probably don't have right now.



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