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20031103: mcidas 2003 at stc (cont.)

>From: "Anderson, Alan C. " <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 200311032124.hA3LOSOb005971 McIDAS ADDE

Hi Alan,

Right after sending my last email, I saw that you sent me a private
message to the effect that cyclone now has ssh installed.  I jumped 
onto cyclone and see that you are able to contact the ADDE server
on waldo:

cyclone% dsinfo.k I RTIMAGES

        Dataset Names of Type: IMAGE in Group: RTIMAGES

Name         NumPos   Content
------------ ------   --------------------------------------
ANTARCTIC    99999    Antarctic IR Composite
EDFLOATER-I  99999    Educational Floater
EDFLOATER-II 99999    Educational Floater II
GE-IR        99999    GOES-East North America IR
GE-IRTOPO       10    GOES-East IR/TOPO Composite
GE-VIS       99999    GOES-East North America VIS
GE-VISTOPO      10    GOES-East VIS/TOPO Composite
GE-WV        99999    GOES-East North America H2O
GEW-IR          10    GOES-East/West IR Composite
GEW-IRTOPO      10    GOES-East/West IR/TOPO Composite
GEW-VIS         10    GOES-East/West VIS Composite
GEW-VISTOPO     10    GOES-East/West VIS/TOPO Composite
GEW-WV          10    GOES-East/West H2O Composite
GW-IR        99999    GOES-West Western US IR
GW-IRTOPO       10    GOES-West IR/TOPO Composite
GW-VIS       99999    GOES-West Western US VIS
GW-VISTOPO      10    GOES-West VIS/TOPO Composite
GW-WV        99999    GOES-West Western US H2O
MDR          99999    Manually Digitized Radar
MDRTOPO         10    MDR/TOPO Composite
MOLL-IR      99999    Mollweide Composite IR
MOLL-IRTOPO     10    Mollweide IR/TOPO Composite
MOLL-WV      99999    Mollweide Composite H2O
RESFLOATER      10    Research Floater

DSINFO -- done

but it does not list out data for simple things like IMGLIST:

cyclone% imglist.k RTIMAGES/GE-IR.ALL
Image file directory listing for:RTIMAGES/GE-IR
imglist.k: No images satisfy the selection criteria
imglist.k: done

Given this, please disregard my earlier suggestions about firewall or
TCP wrappers.  If you can get the remote server on waldo to tell you
what datasets are available, but trying to list elements from one of
those datasets does not work, it means that there is a problem not on
cyclone, but on waldo.

I tried to logon to waldo from cyclone using the normal list: ssh,
rlogin, and telnet, but I was unable to get through.  With access to
waldo, I could easily figure out what has gone astray as far as the
ADDE dataset setup there.


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