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20031103: mcidas 2003 at stc

>From: "Anderson, Alan C. " <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 200311032124.hA3LOSOb005971 McIDAS ADDE

Hi Alan,

>I followed your directions from our last exchange,  ignored the test
>section since this was a machine with no previous version of mcidas.

OK, good.

>Did the install,  no errors;  continued with configuration of mcidas
>       created LOCAL.NAM,  left as is since /var/data/mcidas is the
>       name we can use also.


>       created LSSERVE.BAT,  did not change

Hmm...  I would think that you would need to make some changes in
LSSERVE.BAT given that you are not ingesting the full suite of
available data (like the NEXRAD radar imagery).  This will become
important as cyclone takes over from waldo as the ADDE server for St.
Cloud State.

>       created LOCDATA.BAT and edited to list  waldo as our
>       ADDE site.


>       started mcidas and ran REDIRECT,   TE XCDDATA,  BATCH   LSSERVE
>       and  BATCH  LOCDATA.BAT

OK.  The setting of the McIDAS string XCDDATA and the running of the
BATCH LSSERVE.BAT files are necessary when the machine is setup to
run McIDAS-XCD decoders and act as an ADDE remote server, respectively.

>All of this went ok,  no error signs,  and using  DMAP AREA,  DSINFO
>IMAGE TOPO and the other 'trial' commands,  I got the output expected.

OK, sounds good so far.

>My problem is that when I start mcidas and try and create a product,  I
>get no output.
>The command DATALOC correctly shows waldo as the ADDE site,  but there
>is some glitch preventing  data access or transfer  from waldo.

I would assume that this has something to do with a firewall setup
at St. Cloud as I am unable to contact waldo using ADDE also.  I
am unable to do this using both uncompressed transfers (that use
port 500) and compressed transfers (that use port 503).

>I have some network services
>blocked on waldo,  but as far as I can tell,  it does have an ADDE
>server running  (  mcserv
>is listed in the expected file  as  500/tcp  # McIDAS ADDE port )
>So,  any suggestions ?

Yes.  You might have waldo setup correctly to serve data through ADDE
while still having security setup to not allow certain machines to
connect to the ports that ADDE uses.  My first inclination would
be that some sort of firewall is in place that needs to be configured
to allow bidirectional flow through ports 500 and 503 (while at it,
open up port 112 and 388 also).  If this is not a firewall issue, then
I would guess it has to do with the setup of TCP wrappers.

>One other question,  not really on the same issue;  I seem to recall
>that when creating products with MCGUI,  one could bring up another
>screen from one of the icons at the top that would show the command
>used and the output resulting from the request using the MCGUI icon.

Yes, that is the graphical version of the Text and Command window.
You open this window by button-1 clicking on the button with the keyboard
icon at the top of the MCGUI (the button just to the left of the 
button with the large, red Z).  This button responds to three different
mouse clicks:

button-1 - bring up the GUI Text and Command window
button-2 - bring up a second, independent Text and Command windows.  This
           window will not show the commands run from the MCGUI
button-3 - bring up the standard McIDAS Text and Command window.  This
           window will also not show the commands run from the MCGUI

>It read just like the old manual command window.   Am
>I mistaken, or have I just forgotten how to find it?

You just forgot how to find the window.

>I know the old command mode window is available,  I am referring to
>what I will call  'background output'  from running a command using

I understand.  Please let me know if the above doesn't get you going.

>Thanks Tom

No worries.  By the way, my McIDAS training workshop starts Wednesday,
and I will not be answering much email during the day for its duration


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