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20031030: mcidas2003 at stc on cyclone

>From: "Anderson, Alan C. " <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 200310302252.h9UMqROb028047 McIDAS-X v2003 install test

Hi Alan,

>I suppose you people are all busy with the workshop,  but here goes

I have been helping out with the LDM workshop, but right now I am sitting
at home wondering if I will be able to make it down the hill to Boulder.
We had freezing drizzle yesterday and last evening, and the roads
coming home were a sheet of ice -- pretty scary.

>We have Solaris 9  8/03  installed and running on a Sun server.  We
>have the Solaris Compilers installed,  using the Forte Developer 6
>package (Sun's name for their C and Fortran compilers )


>Created and configured my user accounts (mcidas, mcadde) all seemed
>ok.  edited the .cshrc file for mcidas to include path to the compilers
>and the setenv statements for netcdf  as listed for Sun Sparc
>compilers.  Did not see our compiler listed (Forte 6 package) but used
>the one listing SunOS 5.6 + ...


>I did not change the DEBUG option as the web page for Mcidas2003 noted
>that it was not necessary.

You were correct here.

>Got MCIDAS 2003 distribution,  ran .mcinstall  ok,  no error messages.
>Did the build,  make all,  and it ran ok.

Sounds good.

>Started the test section;  did the  setenv  instructions as per web
>page.  When I started the test,  ran   mcidasx,   the start message and
>the 2 windows,  but the  text/command window gave the following
>       Application initialization failed.  Can't find  useable init.tcl in
>       /home/mcidas/tcllib/tcl8.4  ...  (2 other directories also listed).
>       Problem means that Tcl was not installed properly.

OK.  SSEC changed their startup to be able to start a Tcl/Tk GUI options
selector in the same way that I did.  This options selector will
need Tcl/Tk to be installed to run.  The problem is that you have
not installed McIDAS-X yet, so the stuff needed for the option GUI
are not yet in the needed directory.  This is a sitution that I had
not anticipated, so it is new for me.

It seems to me that this failure is telling us that this is a first
time install for McIDAS on cyclone.  Is this correct?  If yes, then
you should skip the test phase of the installation since you have
nothing to lose by doing so.  The test instructions were meant to
have folks test out a new distribution before installing it over
a previous one.  New installations should skip the test steps.  I
will need to make sure that my web pages make this more clear.

>I looked a bit in the makelog, but could not find any failure or error

The make would have failed if there had been any errors.  Since yours
did not stop (fail), you had no problems as you originally surmised.

>re: tcl
>Looked at the support email archives for mcidas,  searching under  tcl
>and got to see all my old problems  (  stcloudstate.edu)  provided the
>tcl sequence.  Since the above problem occurred during the test of the
>build,  I don't think I have seen it before.

This is a new 'gotcha' that I had not anticipated.  You are the first
to run into it.

>Any hints?   Should I do a clobber  and try again ?   I don't have ssh
>on it yet, but could arrange access.

If your installation is a brand new one (not an upgrade), skip the
test steps and do the 'make install.all'.  If it is an uprade, try
doing a 'make install.tcl' and then run the tests. I have not tried
this explicitly, so I would not be suprised if there was some hitch
with doing this.  Sorry.

By the way, I never was able to get onto waldo to upgrade the LDM.


>From address@hidden Fri Oct 31 09:55:09 2003


Thanks.   It is a new install as we decided to start from scratch
when we upgraded the OS to Solaris 9. I will go ahead and 
skip the test section.

Re: waldo,  I am still planning to install ssh,  but will also be 
switching our ingest machine to this new server, so as long as the
ldm upgrade is not crucial to waldo's performance,  we are working 
on other things.


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