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20031030: McIDAS - solaris 8 accounts (cont.)

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: Western Michigan
>Keywords: 200310301432.h9UEWkOb010294

Hi Karthik ,

>This is karthik. I had mailed you last weekend about a problem i 
>faced in uncompressing a file for the installation of LDM. Now that 
>is done.

OK, good.

>I need to start the installation of the McIDAS. The installation 
>instruction mentions that i sould have 2 accounts for the McIDAS 

Yes.  You should create the 'mcidas' and 'mcadde' accounts.  If
you follow the recommended setup, the HOME directory of the user
'mcidas' will be /home/mcidas.  The HOME directory for the user
'mcadde' will _also_ be /home/mcidas, but the user 'mcadde' will
have no login privilige.  In addition, the users 'mcidas', 'mcadde',
and 'ldm' should all be in the same group.

>But my sysadmin has 2 different paths set up ( single 
>user is the owner of both ), of which one has the LDM in it.
>What i mean to say is
>i have ...karthik1/ === Has LDM
>       ...karthik2/ 
>as my set up.

I still do not understand what you mean.  The "standard" way to
setup the LDM is to create an account for a user named 'ldm'
and have its HOME directory be /usr/local/ldm.  Are you saying
that you have some other setup?  If the answer is yes, I strongly
recommend that you stop now and setup the LDM using our recommended
directory structure.  The main reason for this is that it will make
your job of supporting the LDM installation easier, and it will make
our job of supporting you much easier.

>Is it ok if i still continue with the same set up? 

I don't think so.  Please let me know more specifics about the
'ldm', 'mcidas', and 'mcadde' accounts that have been setup.

>Thanking you,


>From address@hidden Thu Oct 30 16:30:57 2003


Our System admin advised us ( because the Sun blade is on the 
university network ) that we use one login name ( user ) -
"k1samudr". He has created two different directories "/k1samudr1" 
and "/k1samudr2" and had asked us to build the source code such that 
the HOME of McIDAS is one of the above two directories.

This is what i did for LDM too. I logged in as k1samudr and when I 
installed the LDM I changed the HOME for the different modules 
installed ( to "/k1samudr1" ) based on the instructions given on the 

The installation of LDM did not enforce on the cretaion of the user 
ldm. It had the instructions for situations where HOME is not /ldm.

Since McIDAS is stressing on the users names, i thought i would mail 
you to be more clear abt the situation.

If you insist, I need to talk to our Technical Department in the 
university to do this for us.

I hope this mail was more clear than the previous one.


>From address@hidden Fri Oct 31 12:26:17 2003

Hi Tom,

You can ignore the previous mail of mine. I now have the three 
accounts ( ldm , mcidas , mcadde ). SO iam gonna re install the ldm 
with the proper user and will install McIDAS as per the instructions.

Thanx a lot.
Sincerely ,

Karthik Samudram Jayaraman

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