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20031016: mcenv in csh

>From: "Alliss, Randall J." <address@hidden>
>Organization: TASC
>Keywords: 200310161236.h9GCa8Ob005082 McIDAS script mcbatch.sh


>I have a csh script which is generating a .BAT file for which i then want to
>execute in mcidas. However, i want it to be executed within the .csh script
>instead of launching mcidas and typing in the command BATCH SITES.BAT
>CONT=YES every time.
>How is this done in csh...I think i need mcenv but am unclear how to make it
>work with csh.
>The BAT file contains IMGDISP and other mcidas commands.

The Unidata McIDAS distribution contains an example (Bourne) shell
script, mcbatch.sh, that is designed to be copied by the end user into
a local file (in one's ~/mcidas/data directory, for instance); edited;
and run from the Unix command line or cron.  For instance:

<login as you>
cd mcidas/data
cp ~mcidas/data/mcbatch.sh mybatch.sh
<edit mybatch.sh and set environment variables to match your McIDAS

Then you run it with:

mybatch.sh SITES.BAT

Also, running outside of a McIDAS environment is discussed in Appendix
H of the McIDAS Users Guide:



No worries.


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