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20031001: McIDAS Installiation and configuration at ULM (cont.)

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: ULM
>Keywords:  200310011647.h91Gl8k1011698 McIDAS LDM GEMPAK


>Well, to make it easier(i guess).

It will in the long run; trust me...

>I give you full discresion on this system. 
>Basically if you think it needs to be done do it.  Just make sure i have
>a list of everything you did so that i can go back and see what was

Will do.  In order to keep the number of emails down to a minimum, I
will wait until all mods have been made before sending you the complete

>I have
>been learning all of this ever since i was talk into managing these system.
>I have been doing the best i could.  Any help is appreciated.

It is not that you were doing anything bad/terrible, because you
weren't.  It was just that if we could get you setup in the way that
documentation is written and the GEMPAK distribution is setup, then
doing upgrades in the future will be easy.

>Do whatever changes you think are necessary to make it simpler in the long

Will do.  As far as a timeframe, I am working on the McIDAS stuff right
now.  Chiz will jump in and tune up the GEMPAK installation/LDM setup
for running GEMPAK deccoders.  We have the User Committee meeting
tomorrow and Friday, but it should be done by Monday sometime (and
maybe sooner).


No worries.


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