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20031001: McIDAS Installiation and configuration at ULM

>From:  "adam  taylor (994)" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  ULM
>Keywords:  200310011647.h91Gl8k1011698 McIDAS LDM GEMPAK

Hi Adam,

I have a proposition for you to consider.  It is at the end of this

>Sorry, it has taken me so long to respond.

No worries.  I have been keeping myself busy :-)

>The OS disk died in our
>machine(cyclone) and i have had to rebuild it.  This is the computer i
>needed you to help me with mcidas installiation on.  The server is
>cyclone.geos.ulm.edu and ssh should work now.  I have installed mcidas to
>the point where you start to configure the mcidas account.  The is the
>part that i always get lost on.  Mcidas is installed and the adde server
>stuff has been entered into the /etc/services and xinetd sections.  


>I guess all that is left is to configure the mcidas account and the adde
>server.  If you could, could you please send me a detailed as can be
>account of everything you had done so that i will have some reference next
>time i must install mcidas.

I will send you a blow-by-blow when all is finished.

>Also, i installed the XCD decoders be also don't know how to set them up.
>I'm sorry to ask you to do this but i don't have the time right now to
>figure it out.

No problem.

Now, "The Proposition":

Right now, cyclone is setup to decode some data into /data/gempak and
model data into /home/ldm/data/gempak/model.  It will make your life
easier in the long run (by making upgrades easier) to do the

- make /home/ldm/data a link to /data/ldm
- make /home/ldm/logs a link to /data/ldm/logs
- decode GEMPAK data into /home/ldm/data/gempak
- decode McIDAS data into /home/ldm/data/mcidas

This is the "standard" way that these packages are installed.  The
benefit to you is that the documentation on the Unidata web pages will
match your installation, so you won't have to "translate" the
instructions to fit your setup.  Also, the pqact.conf entries for
GEMPAK decoding wil be able to be used as is in the GEMPAK
distribution.  This _will_ save you time down the road, so I strongly
recommend that you consider making the change now.

I started to configure McIDAS, but stopped when I took a broader look
at your installation.  I will now wait until I hear back from you about
my proposed reorganization before finishing the McIDAS setup.


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