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20030930: McIDAS Problem

>From: "Paul L. Sirvatka" <address@hidden>
>Organization: COD
>Keywords: 200310010159.h911xYk1012897 McIDAS REDIRECT LWPATH.NAM EXAMPLE.NAM

Hi Paul,

>About a week ago something went wrong with our system and all of a sudden
>our scripted McIDAS commands were not working. Upon some investigation, I
>found out that the redirection file had been lost.

So, ~mcidas/workdata/LWPATH.NAM got deleted?

>I used the XCD
>... something file to restore it and the satellite functions were
>fixed. All my virt files and bat files among others was not looking in the
>correct directories. Anyway, after fixing this, all the point source data
>ended up not working. So when I run a command like SFCPLOT it says no
>PTSRC data. I use McIDAS so infrequently, I do not know where to begin to
>fix this. Can you help?

Sure, I can help.  The first thing is to make sure that you are
trying to use the data locally and not from a remote server:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas/workdata
dataloc.k LIST

If the datasets are LOCAL-DATA, or if they are pointing to your own
machine, then the next step is to figure out where the POINT files
(MDXX) are stored on your system.  For sake of argument, let's assume
that they are located in /data/ldm/mcidas.  You need to make sure that
you have a REDIRECTion for all of the files:

redirect.k ADD MDXX\* \"/data/ldm/mcidas

Next, test this to make sure you can actually see the files:

dmap.k MDXX

If this is OK, you should be able to run your SFCPLOT (sfcplot.k)
invocation with no problems.

If you still have problems, we need to make sure that you did not
lose your dataset definitions:

dsserve.k LIST

If you are missing dataset definitions, you need to recreate them.
The McIDAS installation instructions instructs sites to make a
local copy of the dataset definition file DSSERVE.BAT and to adjust
definitions in the local copy:

cd ~mcidas/data
<edit LSSERVE.BAT and set things to match your installation><

Then, make the dataset definitions active:

cd ~mcidas/workdata


Please let me know if you still hagfe problems.

>PS...I signed up for the GEMPAK workshop. Am I waiting for a
>confirmation? I would like to get my airline ticket.

I was not aware that you had signed up for the GEMPAK workshop.  I will
pass this along for action.


>From address@hidden Tue Sep 30 20:17:14 2003

Thanks Tom.

I will check this out tomorrow. Don't know why the file went away. 
Strange. All I know is that McIDAS did not know where anything was.


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