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20030926: Confused about profiler entry...

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200309261537.h8QFbGk1010504 LDM FSL2 pqact.conf


re: pqact.conf actions for FSL2

No worries.

>I gotcha.  Now I understand. Profiler data is now being saved on 
>disk again.

Sounds good!

>Now, on to something else. I just got approved to order the computers 
>today for my grant. Well, the paperwork officially arrives next week 
>sometime. But now I'm in a quandry. I just heard Intel is coming out with 
>the next generation of Pentium (Pentium 5?) by the end of this year. 
>Question...can I or should I wait, and grab the good stuff? Or grab it 

Officially, I would never wait until the next great thing comes out
because when it does, it will be overpriced and not yet ready for
prime time.  This has not changed how I buy home equipment, however.
I continuously put off the purchase of things since I hate to be
obsolete when the box comes in through the door :-)

>From address@hidden Fri Sep 26 15:27:21 2003

>Oh, one more thing. If I wait on purchasing the equipment, I need to 
>upgrade my McIDAS ASAP! I can do that next week. I might need help, I need 
>to read the directions again.

I can help you out...


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