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20030912: McIDAS-X installation at COMET (cont.)

>From:  Patrick Dills <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UCAR/COMET
>Keywords:  200309110114.h8B1EuLd025194 McIDAS-X v2003 install

Hi Patrick,

>In talking with Tim, it really sounds like we would benefit now and down
>the line by configuring the environment in a more standarized way.

I'm glad you agree.  It really will make life easier.

>would like to take you up on your generous offer to drop by one more time
>and help us along at a time of your chosing if that's OK.

Sorry I wasn't able to get to this before this afternoon, but things
have been hopping around here.

>Drop us a line and let us know what works best for you.

I logged onto gizmo and did the following:

- adjusted McIDAS environment definitions in .chsrc

- created a "runtime" link structure for McIDAS like the one used by
  the LDM:

cd ~mcidas
ln -s mcidas03 runtime
ln -s runtime/admin admin
ln -s runtime/bin bin
ln -s runtime/data data
ln -s runtime/help help
ln -s runtime/inc inc
ln -s runtime/include include
ln -s runtime/lib lib
ln -s runtime/man man
ln -s runtime/savedata savedata
ln -s runtime/workdata workdata
ln -s runtime/tcl tcl

So, upgrading this to a new McIDAS distribution will be as easy as:

1) change the definition in .cshrc for McINST_ROOT from
   $MCHOME/mcidas03 to $MCHOME/mcidas04 (etc.)
2) create the installation directory ~mcidas/mcidas04
3) download and unpack the new McIDAS distribution
4) cd to the mcidas04/src directory
5) build the distribution ('make mcx'); install the new distribution
   ('make install.mcxall')

That's it.

Now end users will always see the McIDAS distrinbution in the recommended
location, ~mcidas/..., so the directions on the Unidata McIDAS
web pages can be followed easily.

>thanks again Tom,

No worries.  Glad to help.


>From address@hidden Mon Sep 15 17:47:25 2003

Terrific Tom!

This should really allow help us in our configuration management, clean
up the .cshrc files for our own local accounts, and not to mention as
you say make for a smoother upgrade path come next release.  I'm sure
that'll take a load off for Tim.

Thanks again for setting this all up for us and in such short order!


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